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Can your company forecast, monitor, and respond quickly during crane rental lifecycles?

Manage complex crane transportation & rentals

Crane companies need to nurture extremely high-value equipment as much as they nurture customers. Within your own business, there’s a lot competing with your focus on customers. Rental scenarios can range from 1-hour jobs to projects with multi-phased equipment usage, service resources, and full-scale project management. You need top numbers for utilization, condition, compliance, transport and logistics, and service efficiency. Profits depend on your ability to handle all these challenges and keep customers top of mind.

To-Increase has deep roots in the crane industry, and we see how important it is for crane rental software to go beyond full insight and planning for operations and financials, fully integrated with ERP. Crane rental projects today call for mobility that connects planners, crane operators, service techs, and project managers. Companies want the choice to incorporate the Internet of Things as a monitoring and planning tool—for example, to streamline predictive maintenance and be instantly informed about weather conditions that impact usage. They also need the ability to interface with third parties for effective collaboration and compliance. All these capabilities are relatively new. They need to be a well-designed part of a solution that already offers top-notch management for equipment, resources, transport, maintenance, budgets, documents, and more.

Crane industry improvement areas

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To-Increase has a deep understanding of our business and knows what we need to get the most from our ERP solution. Microsoft Dynamics and DynaRent lets us optimize our resource planning for both equipment and manpower, which in return lets us deliver fast, high-quality services to all customers.

― Søren Pedersen,

Chief Account Officer,

DynaRent Solutions Suite

Transportation Management Software

Equip your planning department and truck drivers to work together in real time: DynaRent Transport Management enables equipment industries to smoothly organize transport requests into efficient task planning and scheduling.

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Impacts you can anticipate with To-Increase Crane solutions

Accurately forecast and automate crane rental projects

Accurately forecast and automate crane rental projects, and avoid “equipment onsite not in use” scenarios

Quickly reschedule and reallocate jobs, equipment, and resources

Equip planners to quickly reschedule and reallocate jobs, equipment, and resources, with system-wise updates

Graphical, complete insight into schedules, resources, equipment, transport

Give planners graphical, complete insight into schedules, resources, equipment, transport across locations

Compare project budget, informed adjustments 24-7

Compare project budget estimates to actuals and make informed adjustments 24/7

Incorporate advanced transport management

Incorporate advanced transport management for complex deliveries

Accurately forecast and eliminiate paper trails

Accurately forecast crane rental projects and eliminiate paper trails

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