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Customer Engagement

Equip your organization with the right tools for effective customer engagement

Leverage in-depth insights on rental availability, pricing, and projects to drive utilization of manpower and equipment to the next level.


How our solution can help you

Generate leads and manage opportunities

Generate leads and manage opportunities

Make strategic marketing plans based on customer segmentation or industry. Generate leads and convert these into opportunities to build a strong sales funnel with a high conversion rate.

Provide rental insights and information to customers

Provide rental insights and information to customers

Improve customer experience with a cloud-based portal to provide your customers the latest rental equipment information anytime. Rented equipment management is easier with the portal, resulting in happy customers.

Improve field service with the user-friendly app

Improve field service with the user-friendly app

Field engineers can track their work orders, navigate to the client location, and connect with the planning department for support using a user-friendly, responsive app with offline capabilities.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Rental portal for better customer experience

Empower your customers to book, track, and manage equipment. Functionalities such as Power BI integration and ERP-agnostic connection provide simple and effective ways to help customers manage their rented equipment, leading to improved customer experience.

Key Feature

Effectively manage field service with mobile app

Field service engineers require a lot of data and support from the planning department while they are out on the field. The responsive mobile app with offline capabilities provides service engineers and truck drivers with essential functionalities to do their work seamlessly on the field.

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DynaRent Solutions Suite Factsheet

DynaRent Solution Suite combines standard functionality with stellar flexibility to exceed multi-industry needs. The equipment rental software we offer fits seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management and AX.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does your system have an integrated CRM system?

Yes, DynaRent supports the standard CRM capabilities in D365 F&O. All additional information of your lead, opportunities, or customers (i.e. size, industry, turn-over, contact details) can be stored centrally. With a single step, you can convert your lead to an opportunity or to a customer in the same system.

Do you have customer portals?

Yes, DynaRent has customer portal functionalities with templates on how to implement the portal functionalities. The portal contains dashboards displaying details about pick-ups, deliveries, and locations. It carries equipment data of on-rent equipment, performance, location, manuals and training. You can view rental invoices and data related to payment overview and disputes as well as the integrated case management for quotes, service, report damages, or start off-hire.