Maximize efficiency of equipment operations

Optimize the equipment at all stages to increase returns

Optimize your equipment usage


Improve information access

Use our in-depth sort and search option to offer the right information on time to customers when they seek a piece of equipment to rent.


Track onsite asset utilization

Keep tabs on how the customer is using the equipment onsite. Track the movement and usage to bill the customer for any extra usage or movement.


Plan transport and service

Use our graphical planboard to plan the delivery and pick-up of the asset from depot to customers’ site and vice versa to minimize lags or delays.

Equipment inspection 2

Minimize gaps in service

Inspect the equipment at the end of every rental period to assess the service and repair requirements without delay to ensure that it is ready to rent again.

How does equipment rental software help you optimize equipment usage?

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Streamline your entire rental processes

Our DynaRent Solution Suite combines standard functionality with stellar flexibility to meet multi-industry needs that include transport, services, logistics, mobile field connectivity—that’s a start. Our equipment rental software fits seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain.

How Equipment Rental Software can help you

Move equipment to rental-ready stage

  • Take the steps necessary to move rental equipment from the workshop, off-rent to the rental-ready and on-rent stage to optimize usage.
  • Manage end-of-life disposal of assets by seeking and offering the equipment to customers who are interested in purchasing it.
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DynaRent Service Planboard Overview

Leverage slack time to maintain the equipment

  • Any time you find that the demand for a piece of equipment is less, use that time to inspect, service, and repair if required.
  • Maintain the equipment at the customer’s site to cut down the idle time of the equipment and keep stock of spares for such occasions.

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Track financial and time utilization

  • Be proactive in installing IoT tracking devices to all the significant pieces of equipment that are in demand.
  • Add clauses to the rental contract that will lay out the terms of usage clearly. Keep track of the asset’s lifecycle to ensure that you are aware of the financial usage.

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