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Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Learn more about the commonly used agreements within To-Increase

To-Increase Legal Documents

Business transactions are not as easy as they were back in the day. Today’s 21st-century professionals use contracts and agreements to ensure all the nuances of a business deal are well-covered, and each party involved in it gets their end of the bargain.

At To-Increase, there are many types of agreements used to seal the deal. The vast variety of abbreviations and terms used across all these agreements can make it further difficult for you to get your head around them. We can understand this struggle and wish to make it easier by helping you see how these apply and work at To-Increase.

Most commonly used agreements within To-Increase:

1. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for companies considering To-Increase as a vendor
2. Software Purchase Agreement (SPA) for To-Increase customers
3. Partner Agreement for To-Increase resellers
4. Software License Terms (SLT) for To-Increase software users
5. Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for To-Increase software users
6. Master Service Agreement (MSA) for To-Increase resellers and customer