Checklist: Identify the essentials of your equipment rental software

The software you select for your rental business can have a long-term impact on your operations. While many companies assume that having an ERP is the solution, it is not; it is just the starting point.

You need specialized software support that syncs with your ERP with a focus on the requirements of the equipment rental industry to be able to run your business with efficiency. 

It can be confusing to discern the features that are essential for your business. We have created a checklist of ERP essentials to help you with your selection process.

Here is what our checklist will help you with:

  • Help you look for software that is flexible and scalable enough to manage diverse rental models, sub-rental, contracts, etc.
  • Identifying an equipment rental solution that offers you the option to configure changes without requiring additional IT support
  • Seek features like mobile field service, business intelligence, and IoT to help monitor the rental equipment through all stages
  • The additional features you may require like bulk rentals and rental portal support, contract management, etc.

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