Rental and lease
Contract Management

Administer your rental agreements and contracts for your customers or vendors

Monitor and streamline hourly, daily, weekly or monthly invoicing to drive the optimal revenue stream and reduce the number of credits.


Why should you use our solution?


Quick and flawless contract management

Create and manage contracts for all your equipment seamlessly, whether a single rental item or a complex kit construction with numerous items and large volumes.


Improve cashflow with automatic and solid invoicing process

Bill your contracts quickly and accurately, reduce the number of credits, and improve your company’s cash flow with industry best-practice invoice validation engines.


Launch new types of contract offering

Configure the solution to launch new contract revenue streams. Set up different types of contracts (short-term and long-term), add conditions to contracts, or adopt rent-to-buy or lease contracts.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Rental agreements to store and maintain pricing agreements

Get rental contracts to store and maintain pricing agreements with customers and vendors for specific equipment, groups, or contract rules. Configure price agreements to support the market requirements as well as to suit your rental business.

Key Feature

Rental contracts for sales and rental equipment

Create rental contracts or orders in the system for customer requests related to sales and rental equipment, including supply chain and finance details. After creation, you can use the search functionality to close the contract.

Key Feature

Advance rental invoicing 

Invoice your customer on periodic agreement terms, which are constantly changing based on market demands. Once the equipment is on-rent, invoicing can be done based on configurable periods (day, week, etc.) and, if needed, adjusted as per customer needs.

Rental Invoicing

DynaRent Solutions Suite Factsheet

DynaRent Solution Suite combines standard functionality with stellar flexibility to exceed multi-industry needs. The equipment rental software we offer fits seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management and AX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DynaRent support flexible rental and sub-rental agreements?

Yes, all kinds of agreement setup can be used to support the demand of most of the rental companies. Agreements can be set up related to a specific customer (group), project, venue or order (line) level with gross-price, net-price, discount, price tiers, and insurance and warranty capabilities.

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Kevin Davis

Equipment Rental and Lease Specialist

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Kevin-Davis (2)

Kevin Davis

Equipment Rental and Lease Specialist