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Put innovation to work for construction equipment rental, projects, and selling

Manage complex construction projects while reducing maintenance costs

If your construction equipment company focuses on rental, you need full insight into equipment availability and servicing needs. You may be working with multiple local, national, and international depots to allocate equipment, parts, and resources. You also may be working with complex projects that involve equipment operators, consumables, transport, and project management. And some construction equipment rental companies are incorporating dealership into their portfolio of offerings. All these possibilities call for diverse software technologies—what if you could get everything you need in one package?

Since smaller companies are no longer able to buy equipment that meets these standards, they must rely on renting it. This opens up an opportunity for large rental companies to expand their fleet. It also saves the smaller companies service and maintenance costs for their own equipment, reducing labor costs. And for a large company, hiring a mechanic to do all these jobs is much less costly. Plus, they can plan regular checks on the machinery to avoid breakdowns or repairs, which in turn also saves them money.

To-Increase has worked extensively with construction equipment companies to understand the full range of needs for project and job planning and execution. Our software solutions speaks to current and emerging needs for multi-location companies. Along with full insight across all phases of rental projects, departments and multi-location depots share visibility into equipment and resource availability. Planners can make smart decisions about allocation and service based on complete and always current information.

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It was significant for us to learn of To-Increase’s readiness to listen to our needs and collaborate with us in building additional project management features. To-Increase will not only consider our input in its development, but also incorporate the resulting capabilities in subsequent solution releases and their solution roadmap. That will benefit our entire industry.

― Brian Swenson,

Senior Vice President,

DynaRent Solutions Suite

Construction Management Software

Equip your planning department and truck drivers to work together in real time: DynaRent Construction Management enables equipment industries to smoothly organize transport requests into efficient task planning and scheduling.

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Impacts you can anticipate with To-Increase Construction solutions

Quickly reschedule and reallocate equipment, and resources

Equip planners to quickly reschedule and reallocate equipment, and resources, with system-wise updates

Utilize IoT to monitor usage, condition, performance, compliance

Utilize IoT to monitor usage, condition, performance, compliance for equipment and resources

Graphical, complete insight into schedules, resources, equipment, transport

Give planners graphical, complete insight into schedules, resources, equipment, transport across locations

Compare project budget, informed adjustments 24-7

Compare project budget estimates to actuals and make informed adjustments 24/7

Incorporate advanced transport management

Incorporate advanced transport management for complex deliveries

Accurately forecast and eliminiate paper trails

Eliminate errors and paper trails with workflow and document management