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Schedule and streamline pick-up and moving process at the end of the rental period

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How DynaRent supports off-rent processes

Track time and efforts required to pick up equipment and bring it to depot

Minimize time and costs related to efforts on moving equipment back to depot, as this affects profitability significantly.

Leverage equipment inspection findings to optimize service quality

Inspect equipment for damage and its reasons; eliminate quality issues, if any; ensure optimal service efficiency.

Compare actual rental rates and usage with budgeted numbers

As machinery may be used more or less than budgeted numbers, leverage this information to reconsider strategies, if required.

Analyze returns and their reasons to plan better and minimize costs

Did equipment perform below expectations or have too many breakdowns? Deep dive and analyze the root cause for returns.

Solution highlights that optimize efficiency

Organize pick-up, checking, and moving of equipment

Pick up the equipment on time from a customer; inspect it for damage and its reasons; eliminate quality issues; move it back to depot efficiently.

Bulk equipment overview in DynaRent

Optimize readiness of equipment for the next rental

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); leverage equipment telemetry to execute IoT-driven maintenance; ensure timely inspections.

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Determine the right performance criteria to track and measure

Leverage off-rent KPIs and insights on resources, equipment, and transport (across locations) to improve their performance and processes.

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DynaRent solution features that make the difference


Planning & Dispatching

Schedule and monitor your resources (manpower or equipment) efficiently across rental contracts or projects that span multiple months.


Service Execution

Maximize uptime of your equipment by executing timely maintenance and service in a highly efficient manner — on-site or off-site.


Asset Management

Reduce down-time of your equipment and total cost of ownership by tracking periodic maintenance, a revision, or even sales.


Fleet Management

Ensure efficient fleet management, i.e. the right balance between fleet apportionments (own vs. other) and assigned vs. requested fleets.


Customer Engagement

Leverage in-depth insights on rental availability, pricing, and projects to drive utilization of manpower and equipment to the next level.


Supply Chain Management

Streamline the end-to-end in-house, outbound, and inbound logistics for your company, whether it is rental equipment or just a spare-part.


Contract Management

Monitor and streamline hourly, daily, weekly or monthly invoicing to drive the optimal revenue stream and reduce the number of credits.

Improve rental revenue and equipment performance with ease

DynaRent helps you to optimize processes that aid rental-readiness of your equipment. Know how you can effectively reduce costs, improve revenue flow, analyze returns, and reconsider current off-rent strategies for better results.


Get a closer look at DynaRent

As a next step, we understand that a demonstration can help you understand the business value and discover the benefits of DynaRent Solution Suite for your organization.

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Kevin-Davis (2)

Kevin Davis

Equipment Rental and Lease Specialist

With over 40 years of ERP experience, Kevin has led hundreds of companies through digital and business process transformation, across various sectors.

Kevin-Davis (2)

Kevin Davis

Equipment Rental and Lease Specialist