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Minimize downtime to ensure maximized utilization and profitability

DynaRent Solution Suite

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain

Manage the entire lifecycle of your equipment


Need to track the breakdowns, service requirements, and service completed details?

When your equipment is brought back to the depot, it is an opportunity to do a deep-dive into the service requirements and the services that were completed to assess its condition.


Want to measure the overall equipment effectiveness and maintenance costs?

The workshop stage allows you to check the overall effectiveness of the equipment performance so that you can get it ready to be rented again after factoring in the costs.


Require the details of insurance and warranty details for all the assets?

In case your equipment has gone through some repairs, the workshop stage is when you can recover the damages from insurance or the manufacturer as per the terms of the warranty.


Tracking the quality and safety checks that your equipment has gone through to make it rental-ready?

Before you can put up your equipment with the right rating back as rental-ready, you need to ensure that all the documentation around the quality and safety checks is in place.

How can our DynaRent Solution Suite help you maximize utilization?

Provide quality equipment to your customers

DynaRent enables you to focus on improving the quality of the performance of your equipment and manage the lifecycle stages of the machine. Meet safety and regulatory requirements with ease by scheduling the service, repairs and maintenance as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

What DynaRent offers

Ensure that you have your equipment rental-ready with minimal delay

The service, repairs and maintenance of your equipment can add to your costs but are also essential to ensure that it is ready for renting out again.

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Profit and Loss


Execute and document all the service and maintenance aspects

The revenue your rental business generates and the reputation of your business depends on the quality of the equipment you offer for rent. Ensure that you inspect your rental equipment for quality, safety, and performance aspects.

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construction equipment


Plan the preventive service and maintenance of your equipment 

During the workshop phase, work on the maintenance schedule of your equipment, order supplies and consumables, renew the training of your skilled operators, and check the safety and quality aspects of your rental equipment.

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Discover how our solution works

Discover how our solution works

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