The BMS group is a leader in the Europe market; they specialize in the rental of cranes and man lifts of varied sizes for any project. BMS, a rental leader in the crane, man lift, and other equipment sector, wanted a rental solution to establish growth synergy, improve mobility, benefits from real-time updates, and shorten accounts receivable cycle.

To-Increase offered DynaRent AX 2012 as a specialized rental solution to meet their varied needs. DynaRent offered BMS the means to manage various scenarios and processes. They could then remove unnecessary steps, educate users, and coordinate with them across the globe.

In this Case Study you will learn about:

  • The business situation at BMS and how our solutions helped them
  • The key benefits that BMS derived from DynaRent
  • Details of the key features of our solution

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“DynaRent’s a proven solution for us, and more important, it’s extremely flexible. We can count on both the software and the implementation team for a fit that’s right for our company.”

Søren Pedersen, CFO, BMS