23 October 2020

Why do Equipment Rental Companies Need a State-of-the-Art Customer Portal?

Imagine a scenario wherein a construction worker realizes that they require additional equipment on the site to continue with their job. Instead of reaching out to a rental company to provide details about the equipment, the construction manager at the site logs onto a rental customer portal immediately, selects the equipment they need, validates the delivery date, the desired location for delivery, and confirms their request. The rental company then delivers the equipment and the empowered construction worker gets on with their job all in a seamless, efficient, flexible, transparent, and independent manner.

This was about a day in the life of a construction worker and how a rental portal could empower them in just one of the many possible ways. Similarly, the other rental and leasing companies’ customers too can seek various optimal benefits from a rental portal, which can help them excel in their respective roles.

So, what exactly do current customers expect from their rental companies and why?

Historically, the rental market has been quite dynamic, and quite often, the companies have been required to address various opportunities and challenges to stay ahead of their competitors. And one such current opportunity or the need that the rental companies should actively consider is the ability that they can provide to their customers to flexibly book, track, and manage their equipment on their own — at any time and from anywhere. And here are some good reasons to do so:

Transparency, rental control, and sustainability: With a 24x7 visibility of the real-time data and access to key insights on their rented products, customers can maximize their profitability or return them before their due date, to avoid unnecessary costs.

Optimization of costs: All companies, no matter how big or small, aim to invest judiciously, especially in their resources, operations, and actions. Not surprisingly, from the rental customers’ standpoint, they too are constantly seeking innovative ways to optimize costs for themselves. … For instance, the ability that the customers can have, in terms of terminating the renting of idle equipment, as soon as they become aware of its unusableness.

Automation and uncomplicated approach: Automated information sharing can help customers in managing all their rented equipment easily and effectively, with little or no dependency. The special features that help customers manage checks and payments, besides reducing paper-trail and complexity are highly desirable as well.

What can the rental companies offer to address their customers’ expectations effectively?

With customers’ success, the rental companies too can derive independent benefits, invariably leading to a win-win situation. While this is apparent, could a one-stop solution empower the customers significantly? … Well, that’s a definite “yes.” You may also be pleasantly surprised to know that the solution, though highly effective, is as simple as it can get — To-Increase’s Rental Customer Portal. We are excited about launching a state-of-the-art cloud-based portal very soon, which has been designed meticulously to give the end-customers high visibility into their equipment and streamline their rental management processes — at any time and from anywhere.

With this exciting new addition to our product portfolio, we have started a new journey, based on the changes in the rental industry. This will help our customers digitalize beyond ERP, and help them stay ahead of the competition.

How can companies benefit from To-Increase’s Rental Customer Portal?

The auto-pilot mode: Once the customers start managing various critical actions on their own, this could help the companies’ employees to then focus primarily on enhancing or introducing value-added services, process improvements, or even improving their ability to respond to the changing dynamics.

Get a competitive advantage: Rental companies can deliver unique value-added services to their customers through a tailored rental portal, and stay ahead of their competition.

Connect to any ERP: The To-Increase’s Rental Customer Portal is built on the Power Platform and can be connected to any ERP. The technical foundation allows the companies to connect to D365 Finance and Supply Chain, SAP, Infor, or any other system that they may currently be using.

Improve customer loyalty: The portal helps companies to guide their customers on rentals and reduce their workload, with the prime objective of maximizing profits and optimizing overall rental costs. This could invariably have a positive impact on the companies’ NPS, and thereby the customer loyalty.

Enable easy and effective processes: As the portal allows the companies to automate data sharing and other processes, their end-customers can have 24x7 access to the real-time information — all through simple and effective processes.

Offer a secure and seamless customer access: As the rental portal promises to be highly responsive, the companies can now provide their customers with a smooth and yet, entirely secure access on any device.

Functionalities galore!

With an ERP-agnostic connection (built on Power Platform), Rental Dashboard, and Power BI integration, the portal offers a plethora of functionalities and features, such as viewing equipment lists and location, easy and effective management of cases, rentals, and invoices, etc.

Take a quick glance at To-Increase’s Rental Customer Portal page and download the factsheet now to know more about its exciting features and benefits.

On-demand Webinar on To-Increase’s Rental Customer Portal!

Considering what our state-of-the-art Rental Customer Portal can do to address not just the rental companies’ requirements and expectations, but also of their customers effectively, are you excited about the portal? As a next step, we understand that an exclusive demonstration can help you understand the business value of our rental portal and its true potential. 

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In the meantime, you may want to look at the short demo video that we have put together about our rental portal.

If there is anything that we can do to help you with any information related to the To-Increase’s Rental Customer Portal or the webinar, please email us at marketing@to-increase.com. Also, please feel free to share the webinar invite with your colleagues and contacts, who you think may be interested in this webinar or be benefited by it.

Learn how a state-of-the-art rental portal can empower customers to manage rental equipment effectively

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
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