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Tool Rental

The consumer rental landscape is changing —are you ready?

Digitally transform your rental processes

The consumer rental landscape now includes rental as a very feasible option to outright purchase. Both B2B and B2C customers rent tools, appliances, furniture, and equipment for individual and industrial use. If you’re a commercial equipment rental or dealer this smaller-scale, specialized niche should be as available to you as it is to a company whose primary focus is consumer-level rental or retail. And if your focus is at the consumer level, then you should still be able to take advantage of software that is enterprise-class.

The To-Increase solution offerings enable businesses to manage key retail rental requirements with standard capabilities that can be easily tailored to custom needs. You have everything you need to quickly generate rental orders and handle prepayments before delivery. You’ll be able to smoothly manage insurance and damage waivers when rentals are returned, and work with all flavors of settlement based on consumption.

DynaRent also supports a multi-channel approach to consumer rental that mirrors the latest retail trends. You can manage the full rental lifecycle via physical locations, websites and web sops, apps—from POS to complex invoice bundles. You can also manage all service, maintenance, and transport for goods. Equally important, you can interface easily with partners, suppliers, and other third parties at the systems level, thanks to an open platform and rich integration with ERP.

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It was significant for us to learn of To-Increase’s readiness to listen to our needs and collaborate with us in building additional project management features. To-Increase will not only consider our input in its development, but also incorporate the resulting capabilities in subsequent solution releases and their solution roadmap. That will benefit our entire industry.

― Brian Swenson,

Senior Vice President,

DynaRent Solutions Suite

Rental Management

Equip your planning department and truck drivers to work together in real time: DynaRent Transport Management enables equipment industries to smoothly organize transport requests into efficient task planning and scheduling.

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Impacts you can anticipate with To-Increase Consumer Rental solutions

Quickly create and process rental quotes and orders

Quickly create and process rental quotes and orders, including direct payments

Leverage IoT and cloud analytics

Leverage IoT and cloud analytics to optimize usage and identify new customers

Improve availability with graphical views of equipment

Improve availability with graphical views of equipment across locations

Gain full financial and operational insight

Gain full financial and operational insight into all rental assets

Quickly adapt to new and emerging trends for rental offerings

Quickly adapt to new and emerging trends for rental offerings and options

Service efficiency and quality

Make service efficiency and quality a top reason customers come to you