Product Engineering

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

To-Increase Product Engineering integrates engineering across your operations to help you achieve better product quality, shorten time-to-market, and profit from innovation.

By using Product Engineering, your engineers can collaborate with other teams and business groups to respond faster to changing customer and market needs, reduce the risk of innovation and change, and minimize re-engineering efforts. Engineers have visibility of open orders, prices, and preferred vendors, and can see the impact of their choices on production, finance, and procurement. Product Engineering gives managers the insight to include engineering costs in their profitability analysis. Using the solution, they can control the quality of products as well as the efficiency of their design and production throughout the product lifecycle.

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Product Engineering for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Engineering change management

Workflow-driven engineering change management lets you outline changes, list affected products and parts, route documentation for review and approval, and bring engineering change orders into your logistics management.

PLM integrations

Accelerate the flow of information from engineering to production with standardized integrations for PLM systems such as Siemens Teamcenter and PTC Windchill.

Product version management

The version control features in Product Engineering apply to logistics as well as products and product components.

Limitless attributes

You can track unlimited numbers of attributes for products, and use attribute search to locate products and designs that meet your present needs before you create a new product.