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Analytics for Manufacturing

Enhance Manufacturing Operations with Powerful Data-Driven Insights 

A flexible, end-to-end analytics solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM to enable informed decision-making with advanced insights and meaningful data visualization. 


How Can Analytics Boost Your Manufacturing Business?

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Accelerate your analytics journey

Implementing our ready-to-use analytics solution empowers your team with best practices for business intelligence. You can reduce data management efforts with pre-built dashboards and reporting capabilities, enabling quick use.


Strengthen data-driven decision-making

Make evidence-based decisions that are data-driven with comprehensive visualization tools and analytics models. You can improve business growth and revenue by streamlining operations in your manufacturing business.

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Futureproof your business intelligence strategy

Consolidate multiple data points to track business operations and metrics comprehensively. You can tailor or extend the solution per evolving business needs, ensuring you gain a high ROI on our analytics solution.

What to expect from the key features

Key Feature

Enables end-to-end BI

Our analytics solution comes prepackaged with data preparation, extraction, modeling, and visualization to realize analytics rapidly without getting caught up in the details.  


Key Feature

Pre-built manufacturing metrics  

The solution offers off-the-shelf metrics on different aspects of manufacturing, including revenue, costs, and orders, to continuously improve operations. 

Key Feature

Plug-and-play analytics 

The no-code nature of the solution reduces dependency on IT and eases usability with a simple installation so users can quickly learn the solution.  


Key Feature

Flexible and extensible 

Seamlessly integrate the dashboards and build the KPIs as business requirements evolve. Stay current and responsive with the customizable data refresh intervals.  


Key Feature

Interactive and dynamic dashboards 

Our analytics solution offers robust manufacturing-specific KPI data models and deep visual insights to facilitate informed decision-making. 


Enhance your manufacturing operations by leveraging leading industry analytics 

Accelerate your manufacturing business towards excellence with Analytics for Manufacturing in Dynamics 365 F&SCM. Add meaning to your data and enable better decisions with our pre-built, flexible solution that simplifies analytics for you. 


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Jerry Caous

Senior Sales Director

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Jerry Caous

Senior Sales Director