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In construction and mining, it is essential that all equipment is made not only as per changing requirements but also keeping in mind the safety and environmental pollution standards. Another aspect is that the offerings have to consider the fast-declining availability of manual labor and skilled personnel.

The use of solutions from To-Increase can be used to mitigate not only the concerns mentioned above but also to restructure your business. Which would mean you would go beyond the just the design and sale of equipment and extend to operations, maintenance, and service aspects. Our solutions at To-Increase can also let you explore servitization as a potential business. You can also help your customers to explore data-driven best practices to improve efficiency and productivity.

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“ As we shorten our delivery times and capitalize on our flexibility in meeting changing customer requirements, we become more competitive and enjoy higher levels of customer satisfaction. That will reflect in increased revenue. "
― Tor Morten Stadum
Manager of Design and Engineering,
Tronrud Engineering

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To-Increase deploys ERP system with PLM integration for Tronrud Engineering to cut costs, increase customer satisfaction, and become more competitive


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Jerry Caous

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