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RapidValue BPM Suite

RapidValue BPM Suite

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

Value-driven business process management (BPM) with To-Increase RapidValue BPM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps companies achieve successful, strategic ERP implementations and optimize processes for best outcomes. The RapidValue BPM Suite approach also lets you create a lasting alignment of your business roles, processes, and technologies with company strategy.

Throughout the entire lifecycle of your ERP system, including smooth upgrades, RapidValue BPM Suite assists you in keeping ERP firmly in line with your business goals and evolving processes. Making BPM practical, simple, and results-driven, RapidValue BPM Suite allows you to capture and treat business processes as an important asset that you can develop and refine as the business grows and your strategy matures.

Using RapidValue’s centralized repository for all content and documentation related to ERP implementations and business processes, you can drop inefficient, document-centric practices and give business and IT stakeholders a collaborative forum to drive ERP success and process improvements. Employees can rely on solution help and process guidance created in RapidValue BPM Suite to become comfortable with Microsoft Dynamics AX and understand their roles within a process context. The solution’s powerful content management capabilities help you maintain the integrity of BPM solutions, take advantage of BPM in standards compliance, and easily make global business model updates.

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RapidValue BPM Suite for Microsoft Dynamics AX