Advanced Project Management

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

To-Increase Advanced Project Management puts you in control of your complex projects, so they come in on time, meet customer expectations, and maintain healthy margins. You can master the challenges of manufacturing project management, such as product changes and custom requirements, while remaining resource-efficient.

Integrating fully with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Advanced Project Management provides comprehensive quote-to-service capabilities that help you respond promptly to changing customer needs and competitive threats. Your manufacturing project management benefits from improved transparency and manageability of all the processes, resources, and interactions that contribute to complex projects. The solution’s extensive, intuitive business intelligence and decision-making tools enable you to take the right actions to ensure optimal revenue and an excellent customer experience.

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Advanced Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Benefit from continuity

Repurpose past work to make use of previous manufacturing project management experience and speed the delivery of high-value deliverables. Re-use previous quotes, apply templates, and leverage past project results to build informed quotes that reflect expertise and experience.

Simplify complex activities

Streamline project management by reducing the efforts involved in running multi-level production and handling purchase orders.

Optimize material flows

Structure the flow of goods to reliably meet your customer commitments, keep costs under control, and have products and components available as required.