31 May 2019

Learn to Leverage Your Customer Engagement to Convert Leads to Orders


The goal of any business, whether in the rental sector or anywhere else, is to get good quality leads and then convert this into orders. After all, the acquisition of quality customers has a direct and positive impact on the bottom-line, and that is the ultimate goal of any business!

However, this process is not all that straightforward. There could be many instances where you have a lot of leads, but you do not have all the means to convert it into an order. Such a situation could be due to many factors that include:

  • Customer information being locked in silos preventing sharing and access
  • The support team not having all the information required to convert the lead to an order
  • Focus on sales and not on meeting the customer needs, which can be shortsighted
  • Key technology platforms not configured to provide the required support

How to convert rental leads to orders using CRM

We all know how much effort goes into the generation of a lead in the rental industry.  The rental lead starts at the very start of project planning. Site visits have to be planned during with you need to collect and save related data that will be needed at the operational phase. You need to be able to track all the involved stakeholders and ensure that the contact details are easy to access.

To do all this, you need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution like DynaRent CRM 365  that will help you register leads and contacts, keep track of all customer interactions, discover possibilities, and build up customer data. You will also need to power your customer communications with the details that you have collected on the way customers behaved at every stage of the interaction. Sales, marketing, and customer experience personnel can use this information during the different touchpoints of their interaction with customers.

Doing all this is the first step to be able to anticipate, predict, and understand what your clients want. Consequently, you will be able to establish and manage relationships, build up your sales pipeline, and then during later interactions upsell and cross-sell products and services as applicable.

DynaRent CRM 365

The right CRM solution can offer your rental business the following benefits:

Save time: When it comes to making informed business decisions, there is a lot of time and effort that is wasted on finding specific data about customers. The right CRM would provide this data using a built-in intelligence function.

Improve employee morale: When employees are empowered with the right data about each customer at every level, the offers can be tailored accordingly, and thereby making the conversion easier. Positive customer interactions improve sales and the overall morale of employees due to improved customer feedback.

Anticipate and identify trends: When your CRM offers you a comprehensive insight into the direction in which your customers are headed, it becomes easier to analyze and identify upcoming trends. Having this advantage will let you stay ahead of the competition and increase your customer satisfaction quotient.

Tweak your business strategy: Any change in the way you work with your customers starts at the top, and for this to happen, you have to have an overall plan. With the insights and intelligence that your CRM provides, it becomes easy to tweak your business strategy as per the changing needs of customers.

Take the next step to leverage a CRM solution to convert your rental leads into orders; click here to talk to an expert.

DynaRent CRM for Dynamics 365

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