DynaRent CRM 365

For Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

To-Increase DynaRent CRM 365 solution helps businesses understand their prospects and clients, manage relationships and sales pipeline, and upsell and cross-sell rental products and rental services.

DynaRent CRM 365 focuses on improving communication with customers by capturing specific customers’ behaviors and using this information during moments of contact through sales, marketing, and customer service channels. Additionally, this solution offers insight into the most important (management) information that may be related to organizational KPIs, and helps organizations to make informed business decisions based on customer-specific data. The built-in intelligence function provides a quick overview of the generated and estimated revenue from all open and closed (won) opportunities, and all sales activities – from the initial touchpoint until the closure of a sale.

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DynaRent CRM 365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Solution Suite

Project Management

Handle complex projects based on fixed price, time and material, or combined scenarios. DynaRent ensures that you work with accurate, real-time information and updates for budget and actuals across the entire rental period.

Lease Management

Ensure operational and financial lease data is current and accurate for all equipment. Real-time, well-organized information gives you quick, real-time insight end-to-end—from initial purchase, required services, and actual leasing through sale of equipment to a third party.

Rental/Sales Kits

Build kits for scenarios where one item is rented out with other optional, recommended or mandatory items, with the ability to process and invoice as one rental.

Intercompany Rental/Sub-rental

If you’re working with equipment owned by and located at a subsidiary that’s part of your organization, you can smoothly manage equipment usage, including the complete logistics process and financial calculations.

Serialized Rental

Manage logistics for small and large equipment, including purchase, servicing, rental, and scrap. Organize transportation that’s best for equipment size and business needs. Graphical overviews offer quick, real-time visibility into equipment availability per depot.

Manually-Operated Equipment

Use mounted rental capabilities for manually-operated equipment that must be rented out along with one or more resources.

Transport Planning

A graphical dashboard enables real-time transport scheduling and changes for your own or third-party equipment. Transport tasks are automatically released to the correct driver at the right time, ensuring accurate and efficient execution. TomTom and WebFleet integration enable two-way communication, route optimization, and much more.

Fleet Management

Manage your equipment fleet within multiple legal entities to increase utilization rate, reduce down time, and improve profitability. Unified information and processes give you visibility and control across all locations for all equipment, from high-level overviews to custom details.

Bulk Rental

Manage all logistics for large volumes of equipment, including purchase, service, rental, and scrap. Leverage sophisticated transport management and graphical planning boards to process in-house picking of sales and rental equipment and route. Ensure precision with quick, real-time visibility into availability per depot and always-current financial information.

Tool Rental (POS)

Flexible capabilities for B2C and B2C tool rental enable customers to rent and pick up equipment directly, then pay up-front or after the rental period via a POS system.

Finance for Rental

DynaRent ensures that you can input and work with multiple financial requirements specific to rental industries, including periodic distribution of invoice amounts across the rental period, advanced VAT calculations for diverse transport scenarios, and more.

Industry Lifecycle Services

Pre-configure up to 70% of specific industry and business needs for DynaRent, using templates and tools that speed implementation and let you modify and upgrade your solution with minimal downtime.