21 June 2019

What Does Cloud Mean to Your Rental Business?

Digital Transformation

A few years back (when we had no cloud applications) an upgrade to a software solution would take place once every five years. Once the upgrade was announced, many companies would realize that an upgrade would involve the re-implementation of their originally implemented system. Most would opt to postpone such a drastic implementation, even to as much as a few years. Unfortunately, as a consequence,  new features could not be used, due to such decisions resulting in the efficiency of your company and employees being below the optimum level. Users would miss out on features like extensive mobile support through apps, business intelligence, and new business insights could not be easily accessible.

Often, the pressure from management and the needs of the business would push the users to go for the update.  But due to the delays and stoppage of normal business, they would often go for a part update which would mean a stop-gap arrangement at best. Such an arrangement would be less than ideal because they would not be able to use all the features that an integrated software solution can offer you.

Digital Transformation

Thankfully, today, advances in cloud technology have solved such issues. Take, for example, the complete rental solution like DynaRent—it has been configured as a true cloud solution. Therefore, you, as a customer, will always have, the latest version of the software with minimal effort from your end. What is more, this update would be at no additional charges because the enhancement fee is included in the monthly subscription price. Additionally, a solution like DynaRent would be based on the functionality of Microsoft D365 F&O as its underlying ERP, which means rental functionality also follows the One Microsoft Version policy as well.

The advantages of this include:

  • You are always on the latest version of the software and therefore have access unlimited shelf life
  • New functionality is immediately available at a much lower cost (after all, there is no expensive upgrade required)
  • Requests from your organization can be implemented quickly as the solution providers gather inputs from the industry to make their roadmap developments more focused,
  • Usability of the software keeps increasing as quickly changed insights of user acceptance of the solution are continuously included in the development of the new versions.

DynaRent enables you to work with focused, proactive insight using structured data collections that target industry-specific, equipment-driven needs. DynaRent is future-facing software tailored to your business. Therefore, it will give you the business intelligence tools your company needs and much more. In addition, you can create standard or custom reports and analyses based on pre-configured data that’s drawn from virtually any source.

Digital Transformation in the Rental Industry

Cor Tiemens,
Cor Tiemens,
Rental Industry Specialist

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