29 March 2023

Anywhere for Rental: Benefits of our Scanning Solution in Dynamics 365

Anywhere for Rental- a mobile scanning solution for DynaRent Dynamics 365

Equipment rental companies are involved in multiple rentals, sales, and production processes daily. Globally operating rental companies must coordinate with several warehouses, fleets, and rental projects spread across different geographies, complicating the process.

Managing the logistics of your rental fleet that constantly moves from one country to another can be a nightmare! So, how can rental companies fix this challenge?

A scanning solution with mobility that offers near real-time data on your equipment is ideal.

With an experience of almost 2 decades in the equipment rental and industrial manufacturing industry, we have equipped many enterprises to streamline their rental operations and logistics with rental software embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.

In this article, we will share the top 15 benefits equipment rental companies will gain from Anywhere for Rental – our scanning solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management.

What is Anywhere for Rental?

Anywhere for Rental is a scanning solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. The solution allows equipment rental companies to improve operations with smoother and quicker logistics by harnessing the power of mobility.

The solution optimizes processes, reduces efforts, and helps cut expenses by letting users complete logistical tasks, from picking and delivery, to returns, in real time from anywhere, at any time.

Who can use the Anywhere for Rental scanning solution?

Any equipment rental company can leverage the Anywhere for Rental solution on the go, across any device, at any time and location.

The solution is a valuable add-on for our cloud-based, rental-specific software, DynaRent, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM. You can read more about DynaRent here.

Rental companies already using DynaRent, can quickly add greater value to their business with the Anywhere for Rental solution.

What are the benefits of Anywhere for Rental: the scanning solution for rental companies?

1. Streamlines rental logistics

With the scanning solution, you can efficiently handle equipment pick-ups, deliveries, and returns from multiple locations. It eliminates manual monitoring of equipment which is a time-consuming, error-prone, and tedious process.

2. Manages mass rental returns

Anywhere for Rental can scan each rental item individually and, upon return, give information on which serial number belongs to which rental project. With this, you can automatically split the line items into relevant projects and manage mass returns.

3. Optimizes equipment tracking

The solution improves equipment tracking by allowing users to sign each delivery document digitally. This lets you better track and monitor your rental fleet as a rental company.

4. Offers a user-friendly interface

Anywhere for Rental is a business-friendly solution with mobile capability. Its in-built process consistency offers users a progressive and guided user interface.

5. Enhances overall productivity

The mobile capabilities of the scanning solution replace cumbersome paper-based processes. This makes rental operations easier, enhancing process efficiency and allowing workers to execute tasks with real-time updates and higher flexibility.

6. Improves equipment control

You will never miss logging entries of equipment pick-ups, deliveries, and returns by capturing the item details with the scan and check feature. It ensures the right rental equipment is delivered to the right customers at the right time.

7. Reduces costs

The solution enables your teams to enter data directly on mobile devices quickly. You save on time and expenses by efficiently processing transactions in real time.

8. Supports multi-scanning

The Anywhere for Rental solution supports GTIN barcodes (Global Trade Identification Number) and GS1-128 barcodes (global standard). The multi-scanning support in the solution makes it a flexible and cost-effective solution that you can use for multiple items.

9. Increases the accuracy of invoicing

You can accurately track rental orders by eliminating manual entries related to the equipment's pick-up, delivery, and return processes. This prevents any chances of missed invoices for equipment utilization by customers.

10. Offers mobility with remote access

The scanning solution offers users access to vital information at any time, from any location, enhancing user adoption and experience. Providing access to data with just a few clicks, the solution boosts operational efficiency.

11. Widens flexibility and usability

The solution works independently of the operating systems you use. You can run the solution in Android, iOS, Windows CE (Windows Embedded Compact), or Windows Mobile environments and enjoy a fast performance with robust reliability across operating systems.

12. Standardizes processes

The solution has readily available processes, including rental shop, rental returns, picking items, viewing equipment, and counting items. This makes it easy to implement and manage without additional support from IT.

13. Provides browser-based access

With a responsive display for any device, the solution automatically fits according to the screen size of the device it is being used on. It can run on any browser-based device – mobile, tablets, smartphones, or rugged mobile terminals/ computers, and you can configure device-specific dimensions for a higher-quality view.

14. Delivers equipment on-time

It can manage serialized, non-serialized, and bulk rental items, making the equipment delivery process more efficient. By closely tracking fleet movement, you can guarantee timely equipment deliveries to different projects.

15. Maintains complete equipment overview

You can process ad-hoc and planned returns with proper quality checks, billing for damages, and other repair actions. With a 360-degree view of the rental inventory available, it allows you to fulfill customer orders quickly.

Why select Anywhere for Rental as your rental business’s scanning solution

Anywhere for Rental will be a good choice if you want a portable solution to rent equipment directly to customers in any location with real-time scanning capabilities.

Backed by mobile technology, you will have better cost control, optimum asset utilization, and improved productivity. By automating logistics and supporting on-site rental depots with the possibility for self-checkout, this solution makes the life of your workforce much easier.

With the cloud scanning solution, rental businesses can receive and sort a variety of equipment in bulk, belonging to multiple projects, orders, or transfers.

You can explore more about this innovative scanning solution by checking out the Anywhere for Rental solution factsheet, which offers insights into:

  • Benefits of the solution
  • Processes supported by the solution
  • Key features of the solution

Want to explore a scanning solution to streamline your rental logistics?

Krishna Chaitanya Polapragad
Krishna Chaitanya Polapragad,
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