Product Engineering

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

When you want to meet your customers’ specific, changing requirements with continuous innovation and improvement, Product Engineering provides the tools to manage the quality and evolution of your products.

Product Engineering is a set that bundles two solutions. Engineering Change Management facilitates the full process of requesting, planning, and implementing changes in products. It makes such changes fully transparent at every stage and streamlines the communications between production operations and engineering. Quality Management gives you a way to assess and manage the impact on product quality of your processes, materials, and any other aspect of your operation by means of incidents and templates.

You can extend the functionality of Product Engineering with additional software tools. Item Lifecycle Management, for one, lets you determine the state transitions products undergo and thereby also provide guidance to employees who interact with them. Replication Management enables product management from a central location.

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Product Engineering for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Fast-track innovation

Accelerate innovation across processes by integrating engineering and manufacturing, and keep it customer-focused and controlled by means of engineering change management.

Ensuring that quality meets your targets

Use manually created or process-triggered incidents as the key moments for assessing quality, applying the appropriate measurement templates for consistent evaluation.

Easy implementation of product changes

Work with engineering change orders (ECO) to review, update, and move on requested product changes into items, BOMs, or routings.

The quality assessment you need to see

Augment the quality measurements specified by your templates with up to 10 additional data fields you want to include.

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