Profitable Service Management

With Service Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The To-Increase Service Integration enables manufacturers and other project-based companies to generate additional revenue through the controlled delivery of on-demand and scheduled services that can range from entire plants to specific equipment.

By closely integrating production, sales, and purchasing processes with service management, the Service Integration simplifies the handover between jobs and service, and lets you run services as an integral part of your business.  The Service Integration also connects Jobs with service management, so you can transfer details regarding parts and components of a Job item directly into a Service item without re-creating the information.

Whereas standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central handles service orders as sales orders whose revenue you post when you invoice them, in the Service Integration there is no such direct connection between service and sales orders. In larger projects, you can therefore perform progress or milestone billing. Without waiting for a service assignment to be complete, you can invoice for time initially, and include materials and parts in a following invoice. When you want to shorten customer response times, you can use the simplified service order allocations in the Service Integration to dispatch service engineers to customer sites quickly.

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Profitable Service Management with Service Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Workflow-based service management

Using a workflow based on typical repair stages, service managers can register the initial service call and track progress with a connected follow-up capability. Directly from the service order, they can take care of all aspects of service delivery, including subcontractor hiring.

Plant maintenance management

Service planners can simplify service management by using the Maintenance Plan form in the Service Integration to indicate the type of asset to be serviced and the hours for service intervals, link the plan to a fixed asset, generate a contract, and generate service orders.

Easy follow-up orders

When you push just one button to create a follow-up order for machines made by your company, the Service Integration selects the right part based on the machine’s as-built list and enters it into the service line of the service order.

Service Dispatch Board

You can perform insightful service management planning, applying various colors to better understand required planning actions, see available resources, and allocate resources to a service order by dragging and dropping.

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