Resource Management

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV

To-Increase Resource Management provides project-based manufacturers and service providers with a consolidated tool set to plan, monitor, analyze, and manage people’s time and activities accurately and efficiently.

Designed for centralized control and ease of use, Resource Management offers you visualization to assess individual or grouped resource loads, lets you track time by means of consolidated registration, and enables you to calculate resource metrics in a single calendar. You can enter all time records in one location, using a centralized time sheet or the Resource Portal.

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Resource Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Resource analysis

You can create statistical formulas to evaluate productive, overtime, and nonproductive resource hours per project or task, assess resource costs, determine efficiencies, and more.

Task-based planning

Using the preset tasks in Resource Management, or tasks you defined, you can plan and assign resources to assignments in manufacturing, Jobs, and services.

Time sheet workflow

You define the workflow that determines the steps of time sheet processing and ensure completion. You can use time sheet templates to make time sheet management simpler and more consistent.

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