13 September 2016

Connect manufacturer and dealer management with DynaRent Dynamics AX

Dealer Management


We’d like to briefly discuss how DynaRent dealer management can offer value to heavy equipment manufacturers. Whether their organizations rent and lease products. Or sell equipment directly to third parties. Regardless scenario, manufacturers have more opportunity to meet customer demand. and with integrated dealer management capabilities they can act on new market trends. Hence DynaRent provides those capabilities to businesses using Microsoft Dynamics AX for manufacturing. And in addition it is a particularly good choice for organizations with multiple depots and branches across multiple geographies.

What are the main benefits of our Dealer Management Suite? To start, organizations can work with centralized information that brings about a symbiotic relationship—no splitting of data and processes. This information view is not linear but 360-degree and therefore you enter, access, and work with it at any phase of equipment production, sales, and service cycles. A new dimension for equipment lifecycle management.

Business object registration

More to our focus, DynaRent provides an anchor for equipment information with what we call business object registration. Every element of equipment that you produce and sell or rent out you also register as a business object. That goes from a VIN number for a vehicle, a spare part down to the nuts and bolts, to the final product that may comprise hundreds of individual objects. Those objects can be from numerous suppliers and warehouse locations—there are no roadblocks to establishing a complete, dynamic record of what makes up the equipment you produce. Your dealers, along with inventory, logistics, service, and finance have role-based access that’s always current and correct. They can incorporate that information effortlessly into the processes that make their departments run. 

DynaRent as foundation

For example, your company can take forecasted demand from multiple depots and distribution centers and use DynaRent as the foundation for recording everything that will be produced for sale or rental for the next year. Production can rest confident that users across all locations have immediate access to timelines, progress, availability, transport, inspection, service, and more, wherever they’re located. The complexities of multi-location equipment management and selling are fully covered by DynaRent’s other rich capabilities. Furthermore with a base on real-time integration with manufacturing. Consequently it has a full view of what you need, when, and where.. 

DynaRent integration with manufacturing lets your business fine-tune production operations to work in sync with actual equipment lifecycle management. You’ll also be leveraging demand information across locations to make precise decisions about current operations and market opportunities. Sellers and distributors (aka dealers) benefit from reduced costs, thanks to improved operations and planning, and informed support from manufacturing. Result? You improve customer satisfaction and growth by delivering the equipment, service, and parts they want.

Dealer Management

You may also want to explore DynaRent capabilities for Fleet Management, and we encourage you to learn more about our solutions suite. Download our DynaRent Equipment Management fact sheet to explore more dealer management needs and our modular solutions suite.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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