17 June 2021

To-Increase launches DynaRent Mobile App on Microsoft D365 to empower field service engineers

The user-friendly app with offline capabilities provides relevant data to carry out repair and maintenance work efficiently on customer sites.

To-Increase has launched DynaRent Mobile App, which engineers of equipment rental companies can use to perform repair and maintenance work optimally at the client site. The user-friendly mobile app not only provides data required for field engineers to complete their work smoothly, but also helps rental companies improve customer satisfaction by providing quick service.

Designed to help field engineers and truck drivers excel

The app has been created keeping in mind the day-to-day challenges faced by field service engineers and truck drivers.

The field service engineers are required to communicate with the planning department to get data on the equipment that needs fixing. Speaking over the phone with the planning team for direction and information can be confusing and time-consuming, not to mention the difficulty of monitoring the continuously changing work order information. Similarly, the truck drivers sometimes find it challenging to locate and reach client destinations. They also struggle to complete paperwork, enter necessary information, and get customer sign-off.

With strong navigation capability, digital sign-off, and data readily available on DynaRent Mobile App anytime and anywhere, the field service engineers and the truck drivers can go about their tasks, without any hassles.

Single platform for all processes

The app seamlessly integrates with the DynaRent solution on Microsoft Dynamics D365 Finance & Operation (F&O)/Supply Chain Management (SCM), which means all the processes are connected to a single platform. The app sends all the information entered by the field technicians immediately to the back office, so that they can perform important follow-up administrative tasks, such as invoicing and scheduling.

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Reduces delays and boosts efficiency

DynaRent Mobile App cuts down delays by notifying the engineers pro-actively about where they need to go, which tools and spare parts they need to carry, and what issues they need to fix. The app provides engineers all the information on the spot to complete the job efficiently.

Once the task is done on the client site, field service engineers can directly log their travel time, mileage, working times, material consumption, consumed spare parts, and register other expenses on the app, resulting in efficiency-gain for the rental companies. Customer approval and signature can be entered on the app instantly, and copies are automatically shared with the back office, as well as the customer.

Truck drivers can use the app to find the best route to the customer’s location, execute the pick-up/delivery tasks, enter data, and get customer sign-off on the app in real-time.

Great value to rental companies

According to Michiel Toppers, Director of Product Management, To-Increase:

“The app not just helps field service engineers and truck drivers in heavy equipment industries, but it’s of great value to rental organizations too. It enables timely repair work, resulting in high uptime of the equipment, which is a critical success factor for a rental-as-a-service business model. We have developed this app closely with our customers to elevate efficiency, productivity, and deliver true value.”

User-friendly and secure interface with offline capabilities

DynaRent Mobile App, with its easy-to-use interface and offline capabilities, makes it suitable for field service engineers and truck drivers, who primarily work on client locations. It can adapt to different devices, including laptops and tablets, irrespective of the operating system that is being used. And the app doesn’t need the internet! It can work even in remote locations or on sites like petrochemical plants, where internet or 4G connection is not allowed.

Built on PowerPlatform, the app uses Microsoft’s universal identity platform Azure Active Directory for user authentication and to protect against cybersecurity attacks.

Satisfied end-client

Field service engineers can better connect with the end-customers and provide the necessary support. The customers get visibility into costs and time involved for maintenance. They also get the credentials and schedules of field service engineers appointed for the task. Invariably, these effective support services and immediate feedback options translate into happy and satisfied customers.

DynaRent Mobile App provides a single platform with all the functionalities needed to carry out field service work. This app will help your field service engineers provide seamless and quality service to your clients.

Download the factsheet to learn more about our DynaRent Mobile App

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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