22 March 2022

To-Increase Launches DynaRent for D365 Sales for Rental Companies

The end-to-end integrated solution provides Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) teams of equipment rental companies a unified view of customer data on a single platform.

To-Increase has launched DynaRent for D365 Sales to provide rental business functions, covering the entire lead-to-cash process, a 360-degree view of customer data. From account manager and rental sales representative to rental manager, fleet planner, and credit and collection manager ― everyone can benefit from this new solution.

Unite all lead-to-cash functions

As an end-to-end, integrated solution on a single platform, DynaRent for D365 Sales makes sharing customer insights easier between teams. It enables sales, marketing, finance, operations, and customer service teams to manage tasks efficiently, access data in real time efficiently, and provide accurate information to address customer requirements.

Data management across all lead-to-cash functional teams

Salespeople need to have timely and personalized engagement with customers and prospects. For a smooth interaction with prospects and customers, they should have access to an online CRM solution that provides real-time insights into sales and rental information, such as leads, opportunities, quotes, contracts, and invoices.

With DynaRent for D365 Sales, they can obtain data to provide accurate quotes to prospects, update customer contact details, and check rental orders and invoices to handle customer concerns and queries, thus speeding up the process of converting rental opportunities into sales.

Speaking about the launch, Michiel Toppers, Director of Product Management, To-Increase, says:

“Our goal is to help equipment rental companies achieve more in the field of lead-to-cash by ensuring they have the right tools to do their jobs effectively.”

Improve sales and enhance customer service

DynaRent for D365 Sales provides direct insights into the rental sales funnel. Sales, Finance and SCM teams can update the accounts of clients and prospects with details, which can be accessed by everyone to plan for customer requirements and address customer concerns. The solution strengthens collaboration and makes communication between teams more transparent, leading to better sales and customer service.

“Rental is a complicated business, and it’s challenging to find one platform that can be used by all the departments. In such a scenario, integration of data between business functions is the most effective way to synchronize information and quicken the pace of identifying prospects, turning them into customers, and providing a good customer experience,” says Michiel.

DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard

   Image: DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard

Key benefits

Built on Microsoft Power Platform and supported by dual-write infrastructure, DynaRent for D365 Sales:

  • Syncs relevant information, such as quotes, contracts, and invoices, in the lead-to-cash process
  • Enables sales team to generate and calculate accurate quotes quickly
  • Helps avoid duplication of efforts, repetition of tasks, and the risk of inputting incorrect information.
  • Quickens the lead-to-cash process

For more information on DynaRent for D365 Sales and to learn about its key features and benefits, download the factsheet now.

DynaRent for D365 Sales
Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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