Advanced Project Management

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

To-Increase Advanced Project Management managed complex projects and logistics beyond Dynamics 365 for Operations capabilities. Does Dynamics 365 for Operations not provide enough functionality for your complex projects? Our fully integrated Advanced Project Management can help you be in control.

Increase your quote conversion rate.
Use project quotes and bidding with project specific pricing and estimating functionality to ensure appropriate margins and win more projects.

Execute with full project visibility
The advanced WBS capability allows managing your WBS from different angles. Monitor progress and earned value, manage project subcontractors, and control budgets, billing, cost, revenues and margins. Get all details on time, material, fee and expense transactions and use our equipment transaction type to manage any equipment.

Never run out of stock and cut material cost
Project inventory and project logistics enable master planning by project and provide material availability overview by project. You don’t need central stock and can manage material cost and availability by project.

Avoid project overruns
WBS cost controlling, CBS, earned value, ETC, EAC are tools we provide to monitor projects and avoid overruns. Use our subcontracting or project change order functionality to anticipate schedule and scope changes.

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Advanced Project Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


Equipment Management

Track equipment usage per job, with up-to-date insight into cost and revenue. Specify specific prices for equipment or equipment types. Manage maintenance requests directly from the timesheet. Control equipment by preventive maintenance through system-generated maintenance proposals based upon actual usage all the way to equipment depreciation.

Multi-level Work Breakdown Structures

Available on both project quotation and projects is a multi-level WBS which supports multi-user editing and different views per subject. Supported functionality includes summary and details, quantities and units, progress & earned value, budget and budget allocation, subcontracting, progress billing, equipment transactions, cost breakdown (CBS), estimating, formulas and alternatives


Manage subcontracted workers through the WBS, from the bid through execution and close-out, including billing subcontractors based on progress.

Integrated Planning

Plan and execute all phases of your projects, including:1) Capacity for equipment, tools, employees, and subcontractors to optimize scheduling and delivery.2) Combined task planning with MRP. Availability of all materials—direct, indirect and through production orders—is taken into account during planning.