7 October 2010

Keys to Lower Your Discrete Manufacturing Costs



Every now and again news pops up that shines an important light on the status of manufacturing in various parts of the nation. Whether it’s the announcement of a new manufacturing plant being opened in Louisiana, a new award going to someone’s supply chain operation or like today, news about how a state is keeping its manufacturing costs down, it’s all important. Today, we find out that despite Connecticut’s infamous reputation as being a very expensive place to set up a business, they have some of the lowest manufacturing costs anywhere in this country.

According to CTMirror.org, Connecticut ranks 43rd out of 50 states when it comes to the total cost required to produce each $1 of manufactured goods.  This is the standard means for defining manufacturing costs and their numbers fall drastically below the national average.  They have achieved this feat using a variety of key tips and methods to help make their operations efficient, using cheaper materials and production needs.  On average, the state spent only 79.3 cents to produce each $1 of manufactured goods.  Oregon took the top spot, spending an impressive 70.6 cents.

So how can your company lower your manufacturing costs to help reproduce these same benefits and productivity?  In a word:  efficiency.  By choosing the correct discrete manufacturing solutions, everything from idea to design to ordering and shipping can be handled, organized and processed in one connected system.  Proper Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and supply chain management solutions can help reduce costs, streamline processes inside your business and increase your bottom line.

In an economy of hiked wages and expensive labor costs, Connecticut is managing to maintain one of the lowest costs of manufacturing anywhere in the country.  When you’re ready to enjoy these same benefits, contact To-Increase to learn more about our discrete manufacturing solutions.

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