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To-Increase Documentation

Release Information, Legal and Support Policy

To-Increase Documentation and Release Information

This page intends to provide you with the helpful information on our release policies, release and version management, documentation, and legal documents.

You can access release policy to know more about the critical steps that we undertake to ensure that our software is and remains compliant with the base software from Microsoft. As Business Central and Finance & Supply Chain Management are technically different platforms, we have two separate policies for the respective platforms; while the former has the latest, previous, and supported versions available under the Embed-app program, the latter has the latest validated, minimum required platform, and released versions. The release and version management page provides you with an overview of technical version and release information for our partners and customers. And the documentation page houses the older NAV and the current versions for all of our solutions.

Finally, you could also review our legal documents, such as our licensing and data processing agreements, GDPR-statement related to the collection of Telemetry-data for internal analysis, and Master Services Agreements (MSAs) and their associated general terms and conditions.

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Describes how we manage our releases in terms of updates by Microsoft and newly developed functionality.

Release Policies

Ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations

Provides an overview of latest available versions as well as all supported versions and pre-requisites for released versions.

Supported versions


Here you can find all manner of legal documents, from license agreements to GDPR statements.



This link brings you to our home-page for functional documentation and online help for all our products.


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Martijn Botje

Release Director

Martijn manages the strategic release of all our products with regard to maintaining high quality, timing prediction, and customer-focused content. Internally, he focuses on process improvement and ensures constant adherence to SAFe principles across the organization.


Martijn Botje

Release Director