2 November 2020

How can To-Increase help you successfully implement ECM


The new Microsoft Engineering Change Management (ECM) solution is finally here. And we are more than happy to extend our support to the customers and partners looking forward to implementing ECM to meet their business goals. Before discussing how To-Increase can help you successfully implement ECM, let’s focus on the prime features of ECM.  

What are the main features of ECM?

  • Centralized Data Management

Role Tailored access to centralized information, version management capabilities, and a managed release process ensure that people across diverse departments, divisions, and locations work with information that’s relevant, accurate, and current.

  • Attributes Search Capabilities

Track unlimited numbers of attributes for a product. Use attribute search to find existing products that meet your criteria before creating a new one.

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Provide teams with a product information backbone that reaches across your extended enterprise for a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.

  • Product Version Management

Full product version management includes version control for logistics. Monitor versions and shipping for versions that are in stock.

  • Engineering Change Management (ECM)

End-to-end, workflow-driven ECM outlines the proposed change, lists the product or part(s) that would be affected, and includes review and approval requests. Along with integrating parts data, you can synchronize the entire engineering change process by incorporating engineering change orders (ECOs) into the logistics environment.

  • Product Readiness Templates and Checklists

Prepopulated templates ensure all information is available and up to date for operations. Use checklists to ensure all relevant data is set up appropriately when releasing a new or changed product in the organization.


How is To-Increase making ECM implementation better for you?

To-Increase is dedicated to giving you the best ECM implementation process available in the market. Why? Because we are the actual designers of the solution and have more than 15 years of experience implementing it.

Our deep expertise will make your ECM implementation a success.

These are the services that we offer:

  • Enablement

    Our experienced consultants will train you using standard product trainings and hands-on workshops

  • Solution design

    Implementation, Installation, Training, Analysis, Design & Project Management

  • Solution Build & Deploy

    Implementation Services: Configuration, Testing, Data Migration, Go/Post life Assistance

  • Remote assistance

    Consulting services: Remote assistance during implementation

  • Migration Services

    Impact analysis, Scoping, Estimation, Execution migration tables from Product Engineering to ECM

    With To-Increase comes the year of expertise in engineering and manufacturing solutions helping you in every step from optimizing your processes to training you for a better future.

If you want to know more about our ECM services, please visit our Engineering Change Management page. 


Learn how we can help you to maximize ROI from Engineering Change Management implementation

Peter van Leeuwen
Peter van Leeuwen,
Peter van Leeuwen,
Manufacturing Industry Specialist

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