16 October 2020

Engineering Change Management (ECM)implementation: What to expect?


Product engineering has been in the heart of  To-Increase operations for more than a decade now. Our dedication to meet the ever-growing demand for the right product engineering solutions for the manufacturers is what drives us to innovate and excel. As we take immense pride in our Engineering Change Management (ECM) being added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its Supply Chain product, here’s how To-Increase is helping to bring the transformation by bridging the gap between engineering and manufacturing.  

Here we are answering a volley of questions to help you with a better understanding of the new ECM solution and how To-Increase will support it. Let’s embrace the change.

How can To-Increase accelerate ECM implementation for you? 

As ECM earns its stripes winning Microsoft, we will continue to offer our standardized Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) integration solution. To-Increase will also keep on providing product releases and updates for the existing applications to reduce the inevitable impact on the customers’ business.  

Meanwhile, what customers can do is continue their association with To-Increase’s version of PE, leaving the migration worries to us as shifting gears to ECM will take a considerable time. We have been providing the best integration experience to the customers for over a decade now. Not only do we understand the challenges that come with the new ECM solution (of Microsoft), we also recognize the implication of seamless integration between your PLM and ERP system. That’s how To-Increase will facilitate or accelerate ECM implementation for you.  

How can To-Increase help you with PLM integration for ECM implementation? 

  • Understanding the needs and interests of the clients, we will align with them to give extensive training on ECM implementation.  
  • Valuing customer experience, we will work closely with the internal project team for ECM implementation. 
  • Remote consulting services to help the project team with implementation phases. 
  • We are bringing years of trust to deploy and adopt ECM solution in your manufacturing environment.  

How our ECM services are going to help you? 

First things first! Customers will not be affected by the acquisition. To-Increase opines it as a “win-win situation” for the customers. The reason for this is that our PLM integration will continue to be an inclusive solution offering for Microsoft’s ECM.  

As To-Increase continues to deliver ECM services to both partners as well as customers, here’s what you can expect: 

  • With us comes the years of domain expertise assuring you the best ECM practice sharing, helping to deploy and adopt the ECM solution efficiently and diligently. 
  • Before starting the Build & Deploy phases, the solution design project phases and completed hand-over will be done to the implementation partner to manage and monitor changes and versions.
  • Have complete product change traceability, keeping a tab on engineering change requests, or implementation, thus improving communication across the supply chain.
  • Benefit your internal project team, being solely responsible for the implementation of Engineering Change Management within your organization.
  • Assured remote consulting services to the project owners throughout the various steps of implementation phases.
  • To-Increase will extend its robust PLM integration to Microsoft’s ECM solution, empowering manufactures. 

What would happen to the existing customers as ECM now belongs to Microsoft? 

The existing customers can rest assured,we will continue to extend support to our PLM integration for PE as well as for ECM. And yes, we can provide implementation services around ECM as well. 

To-Increase will help you to have a smooth transition and implementation process. Our team of experts is the only ones offering functional and technical consulting services to both customers and VARs. Being the pioneers in Discrete Manufacturing, To-Increase over time has gained in-depth domain knowledge to help customers adopt ECM and stay on top of the game. 

Can we migrate from PE to ECM? 

Yes! However, it will need time. Let us explain to you why. Imagine the amount of data that needs to be migrated to ECM, which is a new solution integrated into D365. It will be a herculean task demanding time. What To-Increase can do for you is facilitating the migration through tools, expertise and documentation. In a meanwhile, you continue using our PE solution uninterruptedly, streamlining your processes. 

While you decide to migrate to ECM, To-Increase’s PE solution will partner with you for a error-free transition.  

Will the PLM interface also work on ECM? 

Yes, our PLM interface will support ECM. At To-Increase, we are taking extra care of the transition phase that can bring unavoidable challenges. We are all set to give Engineering Change Management implementation a running start by providing detailed knowledge through product training, webinars, and workshops. Understand and get to know the use of best practices for implementing ECM, and how our PLM interface is configuring the communications between the engineering, operations, and manufacturing teams. 

Are there differences between PE and ECM? 

 Engineering Change Management (ECM) facilitates the process of change requests, orders and notices, along with planning and implementing changes to products. The solution is developed to provide full traceability of the changes, in terms of different versions on various levels of development within the ERP system.  

Functionality-wise, both PE and ECM will serve the same purpose. If you decide to migrate to ECM, To-Increase will support with a seamless transition process. PE, on the other hand, with its proven efficiency, will continue to extend support to our existing customers. For new customers, experiencing PE is not an option.

What would be a better choice for me: PE or ECM? 

If you are a new customer, the ECM experience awaits you. For existing customers, migrating to ECM is always a choice.  An existing customer can continue using our PE solution and if time is not a constraint then rely on To-Increase for helping you with ECM implementation.  

To-Increase, with its PLM integration, will continue to extend its support to both ECM and PE.  

Learn how To-Increase and can help you seamlessly integrate your PLM and ERP systems.


Benefits of PLM vs ERP Integration

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