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Mobile Activities
Enabling productivity through mobile accessibility-Anytime,Anywhere

Mobile Activities

Leverage mobile accessibility to improve productivity

Leverage Mobile Accessibility to Improve Productivity Anytime, Anywhere

Add to your team’s capabilities with easy, secure and reliable mobile access. You can drill down further to ensure that the access is customized based on the roles of the person to provide speed. This way you can ensure that capabilities are device-agnostic including smartphones, rugged mobile terminals, tablets, and laptop simply using a browser.

Deploy the solution of your choice and as per your budget quickly and manage it with minimal effort, using the currently available IT skills of your organization. Mobile accessibility can add to the scalability and robustness of your mobile access and empower employees to manage their workload efficiently.

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For any company engaging in an ERP project of comparable scale, it is essential to have a tool like RapidValue that enables them to design and improve their processes, create a standard process model, and document it in an easily accessible manner.

― Ann Loftorp,

Senior Project Manager,
Alfa Laval


4 Factors Why Your Business Needs a BPM Solution

Business Process Management or BPM is a disciplined approach that helps identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results aligned with an organization’s strategic goals.

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Jim Schwab

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