NAV Anywhere – Logistics

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NAV Anywhere – Logistics is a mobile app that supports most of your warehouse processes and enables your warehouse workers to perform their tasks with optimal accuracy, speed, and consistency.

This easy-to-use app makes real-time logistics data and a wide range of functionality available to workers, who can perform their tasks efficiently on almost any mobile device with a browser, including tablets, smartphones, and rugged mobile terminals. You can save time and reduce costs with prompt, fast transaction processing without error-prone manual data entry.

You can deploy NAV Anywhere – Logistics quickly and manage it with minimal effort, taking advantage of full integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and existing IT skills. When it comes to mobile devices, operating systems, and versions of NAV Anywhere – Logistics, you can choose the most affordable option that best fits your business.

NAV Anywhere – Logistics supports the most widely used versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and runs on the most popular operating systems. It comes in three different editions to suit your warehousing operation.

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Standard processes

NAV Anywhere – Logistics already provides a large number of warehousing processes, which you can implement out-of-the-box or adjust to meet your specific business requirements.

Cost savings opportunities

When you implement NAV Anywhere – Logistics, you can eliminate or minimize the expenses associated with paper, printing, and ink together with the cost impact of slow processes, error corrections, and poor availability of data and task capabilities.

Simplicity and consistency

The app is extremely easy to learn and use, and ensures error-free, consistent processes by guiding warehouse employees through their tasks step by step.

NAV Anywhere Framework

Built entirely within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the Framework allows you to use your Dynamics NAV expertise to customize and fine-tune the solution without leaving the familiar ERP environment.

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