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Streamline Your In-Store Retail Processes

Anywhere for Retail

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

How Anywhere for Retail Help


Get 360 Degrees Item Information in a Single Scan

By scanning the barcode of an item for real-time information like sales, stock levels pricing or upcoming promotions of the item.


Accuracy on Item Receipts

By speeding up receipts of items from multiple distribution sources in a few steps and verifying either every item or mixed pallet receipts in a single step.

Label printing

Real-Time Label Printing in Stores

By accessing current item information to print updated product or shelf labels and by receiving information in time to order labels in advance for the upcoming promotions.

Stock Counting

Simplify Your Stock Counting for Better Inventory Control

By improving your planning and optimizing your store capacity to maintain accurate inventory levels with tools that make stock counting easy.


Want to leverage a D365 Finance & Operations integrated retail scanning solution for efficient in-store operations?


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Anywhere for Retail - Mobile Solution for the Retail Stores

Get a peek at the efficiency that Anywhere for Retail can bring to your retail operations. It can fully integrate with D365 to streamline in-store retail processes and reduce process costs.

What Anywhere for Retail Offers

Item Receipts


Receive items from Distribution Centers, Suppliers, and other stores in just a few scans.

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Item information & Label Printing


Get a complete overview of all the information of an item.

Item information & Label Printing

Store transfers 


Transfer items between stores or return items back to the distribution center(s).

Store Transfer

Stock Counting


Count inventory in the store with multiple users at the same time and track where, when and who did the stock counting.

Stock Counting

Discover how our solution works—free for 30 days!

Discover how our solution works—free for 30 days!

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