AX Anywhere – Retail Store

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

AX Anywhere – Retail Store software lets you bring greater immediacy into the customer experience, with always-present retail associates and efficient, reliable, paperless transaction processing on mobile devices that can include barcode scanners.

AX Anywhere – Retail Store is a mobile app that enables your store employees to offer better customer service from day one, because it is so easy to learn and use. Current, reliable in-store inventory levels and pricing data are always visible for your retail staff. You can eliminate the frustration and losses associated with slow information retrieval, disrupted customer interactions, and paper-based, error-prone order processing. As a manager, you can review in-store activities in real time and manage them centrally from within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

You can deploy AX Anywhere – Retail Store software quickly and manage it with minimal effort, taking advantage of full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and existing IT skills. When it comes to mobile devices and operating systems, you can choose the most affordable option that best fits your business.

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AX Anywhere – Retail Store for Microsoft Dynamics AX


Sharper competitive edge

You can take advantage of AX Anywhere – Retail Store to be more effective in multi-channel retail by making reliable inventory data available across all retail locations and strengthening your service capabilities.

Mobile app ecosystem

Implement AX Anywhere – Retail Store software together with AX Anywhere – Sales and gain additional, powerful functionality for taking customer orders, creating sales orders, looking up sales histories, and checking on credit limits. When you also deploy AX Anywhere – Logistics, retail workers can directly access central warehouse inventory.

Convenient customization

The AX Anywhere Mobility App Studio at the core of the solution is built entirely within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Working with this Mobility App Studio, your IT team can use its Dynamics AX expertise to customize and fine-tune the solution without leaving the familiar ERP environment.

Proven, standard processes

AX Anywhere – Retail Store software already provides a comprehensive set of common retail processes, which you can implement out-of-the-box or easily adjust to meet your specific business requirements.