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AX Anywhere for Production Control

AX Anywhere – Production Control

For Microsoft Dynamics AX

AX Anywhere – Production Control is a mobile app that supports your most important production processes and makes your workers’ jobs easier by giving them consistent workflows to perform their tasks.

Extremely easy to use and with step-by-step guidance for your employees, AX Anywhere – Production Control lets you run streamlined production processes, review production data in real time, and manage production centrally from within Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can eliminate costs and delays associated with inefficient, error-prone processes, paper-based documentation, and printing. Workers enter data directly into comfortable mobile screens, using almost any mobile device with a browser, including tablets, smartphones, and rugged mobile terminals.

You can deploy the solution quickly and manage it with minimal effort, taking advantage of full integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and existing IT skills. When it comes to mobile devices and operating systems, you can choose the most affordable options that best fit your business.

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AX Anywhere – Production Control for Microsoft Dynamics AX