Business Central Anywhere – Services

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central

For your busy, in-demand field service engineers, Business Central Anywhere – Services is an easy-to-use, mobile app that helps them record service worksheet data accurately and quickly, including simple scanning and checking of items consumed.

Once you deploy Business Central Anywhere – Services, you can replace inefficient processes and paper forms with the use of modern, mobile devices. Anywhere, anytime service engineers can retrieve the service orders allocated to them. As soon as repair or maintenance tasks are done, they access the app to record working hours, travel time, materials used, and other cost elements in service orders. The app automatically forwards updated service orders to the service desk for prompt invoicing.

You can deploy Business Central Anywhere – Services quickly and manage it with minimal effort, taking advantage of full integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and existing IT skills. When it comes to mobile devices and operating systems, you can choose the most affordable options that best fits your business. Business Central Anywhere – Services supports barcode scanning, RFID, and integrated printing.

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Business Central Anywhere – Services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Improved customer satisfaction

Use Business Central Anywhere – Services to reduce service delivery lead times and ensure flawless accuracy in service invoices with step-by-step guidance and easy scanning of consumed items.

Built for efficiency

The solution’s workflow-based design ensures that service engineers take all necessary steps and helps them avoid errors. Its design emphasizes fast performance, so they can focus on efficient service delivery without spending needless time on administrative tasks.

Easy customization

At the core of Business Central Anywhere – Services is the Business Central Anywhere Framework, which allows your IT team to easily customize the app and its standard service processes from within the familiar ERP environment.

Versatile and extensible

Business Central Anywhere – Services runs on almost any mobile device with a browser, including tablets, smartphones, and rugged mobile terminals. It works equally well with the most widely used versions of Dynamics Business Central, and supports a variety of popular operating systems.

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