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Transform manual & paper-based business processes with mobility

Increase transformative potential, streamline processes, and enhance mobile access

Evaluate and Streamline Processes, and Increase Efficiency with Connectivity

Improve the overall efficacy of your business by creating a solid foundation for your organization’s benchmarking activities. Ensure that you have a continuous process improvement mechanism in place that helps you eliminate processes that are outmoded, unproductive, and costly to improve efficiency and enjoy cost savings. Put in place the best practices and standardized procedures to save on the time and efforts of your employees.

Have a process guidance reference that is based on the findings from your assessment for future projects to ensure that all inefficient processes are eliminated. Add a mobile element to the operations to provide access to employees on-the-go for real-time updates and information sharing.

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If we had chosen any other ERP system, we would have needed to build most of the industry-specific functionality that we wanted. But with Microsoft Dynamics AX and To-Increase Food & Beverage together, we gained comprehensive food industry capabilities on a robust ERP platform. We also concluded that this integrated solution would help us realize the process efficiencies that we required to compete more powerfully against cut-price companies with lower quality standards.

― Magnus Hagberg,

Dalsjöfors Kött


4 Factors Why Your Business Needs a BPM Solution

Business Process Management or BPM is a disciplined approach that helps identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control business processes to achieve consistent, targeted results aligned with an organization’s strategic goals.

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Impacts you can anticipate with To-Increase Business Productivity Solutions:

Business Productivity Solutions-Improve

Improve productivity and consistency of employee roles and business processes

Business Productivity Solutions-Growth

Manage, control, and improve agility to enable overall change and global growth

Business Productivity Solutions-Integrate applications

Ensure maximum process efficiency by integrating applications and processes

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Jim Schwab

Business Productivity Specialist

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Jim Schwab

Business Productivity Specialist