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Rental IoT

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How Rental IoT Helps


Want to monitor unauthorized equipment usage through its movement?

DynaRent IoT helps you track the movement of your equipment to determine whether the usage is as per the terms of the agreement.


Seeking a solution to help increase revenue from your equipment?

DynaRent IoT will help you add to your revenue by xx%. With our solution, you can bill your customers for the exact usage of the equipment.

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Need to streamline transport and logistics for your rental equipment?

In an extensive rental operation, it is vital to get the exact location of the asset to enable returns. This information helps you deliver the equipment to the next client on time.

control costs

Are equipment transport and service costs overwhelming you?

Planning transport and service of your assets and keeping the costs in control can be difficult. Our solution will help you reduce transport and service costs by xx%

How can DynaRent IoT help streamline your rental business?

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Leverage The Power Of IoT

Get a peek at how our Rental IoT solution can help you boost your rental revenue, improve logistics, track and monitor unauthorized usage of your equipment.

What Rental IoT Offers

Monitor unauthorized equipment usage

Ensure that customers use your equipment as per the terms of the rental agreement

  • Measure unauthorized use of your equipment and charge extra
  • Increase rental revenue with automatic follow-up
  • Reduce wear and tear of the asset by discouraging over use
  • Save on costs of repair, maintenance, and spare parts

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Streamline Logistics

Keep track of the equipment movement to ensure timely delivery to the next customer

  • Always know the current location of your equipment and know where to go
  • Reduce transportation pick-up time for delivery and travel for service
  • Gain the ability to plan better and optimize logistics
  • Reduce labor time for drivers by ensuring that they have the right location for equipment pick-up

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How DynaRent IoT works

Want to unleash the power of IoT in your rental operations?
  • Get messages that detect unauthorized use of your equipment which will update the chargeable fees in rental orders
  • Use the IoT updates to plan logistics, movement, transportation, factor in time to check the equipment if required and deliver to the next customer on time
  • Each IoT device has a unique identifier; and it sends Unique Identifier information which is translated to identifier and equipment within the DNR


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