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Increase the productivity of your equipment rental fleet with the right strategy

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Maximize the efficiency of your equipment


How does equipment rental software help you maximize productivity?

Get complete 360-degree view of your equipment

Equipment-driven companies require specific industry focus within their software to have their business processes supported on equipment, operational and customer level. DynaRent helps you optimize your complete equipment life cycle management from end-to-end.

How Equipment Rental Software can help you

Optimize the productivity of your rental equipment

  • Gather intelligence on the equipment that brings in the highest revenue and the most in-demand ones
  • Weed out those pieces of equipment that are not fetching optimum revenue or not much in demand to ensure that the productivity of your equipment is on the higher end

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Profit and Loss

Manage movement and on-time delivery with complete ease

  • Plan the movement of machinery on rent from one customer’s location to another customer instead of moving the equipment back to the depot
  • Wherever applicable send qualified technicians to the customer’s site to assemble, disassemble, or prepare the equipment for the next rental quickly

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Reduce the slack times in between rental periods

  • Optimize the workshop phase of the equipment rental value chain to schedule and complete the necessary service steps quickly
  • Inspect and check the equipment before picking up from the customer’s site to ensure that you can save time and bill customer for any damages

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DynaRent Service Planboard Overview

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BMS, a Danish leader in the crane and rental equipment sector, established growth synergy, improved mobility, benefited from real-time updates, and shortened accounts receivable cycle by implementing DynaRent.