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Transportation Management

Get proactive about equipment utilization

Equip your planning department and truck drivers to work together in real time

Equipment-driven companies are looking at a huge scope when they consider what they want from advanced transportation management software. Less-than-load shipments, multi-mode channels for equipment delivery, shipper/carrier collaboration—what do you need to cover? That’s in addition to capabilities that let planners connect with warehouse departments, drivers, order processing, and
other depots. Market trends start with the customer expecting great delivery service that meets all requirements, but you may be dealing with a complex array of equipment, spare parts, resources,
and transport vehicles that are flung worldwide. The good news is that you can meet these challenges.

Whether you’re transporting customer, third-party, or your own equipment, DynaRent Transport Management enables equipment industries to smoothly organize transport requests into efficient
task planning and scheduling. You can collaborate with logistics and warehouses for efficient
picking, packing, and shipment allocation. The same goes for working with your front office to handle unpredictable order flows efficiently. DynaRent also enables you to build stable third-party shipper/carrier interfaces. Transport orders and directions can be sent to resources anywhere via mobile devices, and with TomTom integration, you’ll have 24/7 communication and route optimization
at hand. Your transport planning and scheduling is graphical and intuitive, with assurance of automatic records capture and update in DynaRent and Microsoft Dynamics.

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