23 April 2019

Want to Plan Real-Time Transport and Streamline Workflows?


The crane rental business is based on the rental company’s ability to deliver quality equipment on time, offer flexible options, competitive rates, and overall good service. While this is true from the customer’s point of view, imagine what goes on in the backend of the rental outfit to ensure that they can meet customer’s expectations while still maintaining profitability. And when you are talking about heavy equipment like cranes and their rental services, the operations become even more complex.

The rental operations for cranes become more complex when you add the technician skills that are required to transport and operate cranes. Often, crane rentals must factor in operators and resources to manage the project onsite to ensure that the asset is in good condition and used optimally.

Here are the various steps that you need to consider, to plan real-time transport and streamline workflows for crane rental operations:

Location of the cranes: One of the main concerns while               Schedule of crane rentals: You also need the planned
managing the crane rental business is to ensure that you             schedule of crane requirements at different sites. 
have the real-time location of the cranes. Having this                     With the market requirements being so volatile,
information on hand is vital to ensure that you can plan                there are possibilities that time schedules may 
for the upcoming requirements.                                                          change onsite, and you need an update of that.

Service technician and operator schedules: Cranes are              Transportation and logistics: Since cranes are expensive 
highly technical and specialized equipment that needs                  and of specific types, your crane solution has to be
to be handled, moved, and operated by technicians and                able to plan the transportation and logistics aspect
qualified operators. To that end, you need to keep tabs                 of their movement keeping in mind crane requirements
on their schedules as well.                                                                   and availability of personnel.

Spares parts inventory and service: The composition of              Maintenance logs: With specialized and complicated 
a crane is made up of many components and spare parts.           equipment like cranes, the maintenance has to be on
These can be not only expensive but also difficult to source         time and meet quality standards. An optimum crane
and procure. The inventory aspect also ties in with the                  rental solution will have to alert the relevant people
service requirements of the cranes.                                                    on time to ensure that maintenance is done on time.

Change in customer requirements: When you talk about              Invoicing and billing: When we talk of business, then
managing the rental of special equipment like cranes,                    the invoicing and billing aspect has a direct impact on 
then you must be prepared to meet the way customers                 profitability. A rental solution must support this aspect
keep changing their requirements. Whether it is cutting the           to ensure that you meet your revenue targets, tighten
lease period short, extending it, change in location or the               the collection cycle, and rewards those customers
type of equipment required, the rental solution has to be                who pay on time. Tracking usage and monitoring
prepared to meet all these requirements.                                           can help you ensure the health of the machine.

We are sure that by now you are aware of the vital role that your rental solution can ease many of the steps in your operations. Whether it is on-field updates, approvals and changes on the move, monitoring of assets, logistical updates or service and maintenance, the rental solution has an important role to play. On-cloud rental solutions with mobile apps enabled are the way forward.

Want to learn more? Download the fact sheet below 

Learn how mobile field services can help your crane rental business.

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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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