19 March 2019

How to maintain on-time & in-time deliveries of rental equipment

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The rental industry or for that matter any industry would benefit when the business knows the upcoming trends. There is no doubt that you will be able to stabilize your business and shape the direction it is going to take if your business is armed with the forthcoming trends. We feel that when it comes to rental industry, the direction of the upcoming trends would be affected by the market you are in and the kind of services that you offer and the way your competitors operate.

Ensure on-time delivery with DynaRent

Within equipment-driven rental industries, it remains an ongoing challenge to assure customers that the requested rental equipment will be delivered on the project/job site on time. This applies to requested rental equipment that requires few to no installation and/or mobilization activities before it can go into operation on the project/job site. However, for rental equipment which needs extensive installation and/or mobilization activities before it can be operated, this challenge becomes even harder, since it adds the in-time aspect to the equation.

Finally, adding the aspect of manned equipment rentals (equipment which is to be operated by qualified and skilled operators, whether in-house or sub-contracted) brings out the full gravity of the on-time and in-time equipment delivery challenges that equipment-driven rental companies face every day.

Mobile Field Service

To be able to assures customers that the requested rental equipment will be available to them on the project/job site at the requested date and time—while having to deal with all kinds of unforeseen situations that occur in practice—requires expert planning and often a pragmatic approach to getting rental equipment operational on site at the requested date and time.

In conclusion

Having accurate, coherent, and real-time information about the requested equipment, its specifications, customer agreements, project/job site details, the operational activities to be performed, and/or the operators needed is critical for an equipment-driven rental company in order to effectively face these kinds of challenges and eventually assure the customer they will be able to get their job done.

DynaRent for Dynamics offers equipment-driven rental companies intuitive (often graphical), innovative, future-ready, and accurate tools to enable them to efficiently and effectively address these challenges by utilizing the “doing the right things right” principle.. 

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