30 October 2018

How DynaRent can help with your company’s green transition

Transport management

Since the Paris Accords, everyone, companies and the public alike, must work towards a cleaner and safer environment for the future. It’s no secret that companies have the bigger part to play here, since they are responsible for by far the majority of global pollution. But how do you make a transition to a cleaner way of doing business in an equipment-driven industry when the bulk of your business is not really “green” to begin with?

Transition to a green environment

There is a way that is not only better for the environment, but also time-saving and profitable. Innovation is the key word here, and digital innovation in particular. If you use an ERP system that manages all your business processes and utilizes your equipment in the best possible way, you save money. It is also damaging to the environment than it would be without such a system.

How does this work? When you rent out equipment, it is vital that it works properly, of course. This way, you generate a steady income flow without disappointing customers. To keep your equipment running, you need a fine service and maintenance system that warns you in advance to prevent potential breakdowns. If you reduce the number of breakdowns, you don’t have to replace your machinery as often. This will save you on material and transport costs, and, as a result, make your business greener too.

Transport management

ERP systems that manage your equipment utilization can help you save time, money and transport costs.

Maximizing fleet

Another example is utilizing your fleet to the maximum. Say that your business runs depots all over the world. If you need to ship equipment from a central depot to a certain location across the world, that is not only costly, but very polluting as well. If you know that that same piece of equipment is available at a closer location and not in use, you could redirect that piece instead. Or maybe you work with a partner who has that same piece of equipment in that area. In that case, you could sub-rent or cross-hire it to the customer.

These are a few ways to save money and the environment. Now, the trick is to manage this in the best way possible. DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations is one of those solutions. It covers all your maintenance tasks and transport businesses to keep your utilization rates at the perfect level. All this while helping save the environment. Curious to know more about DynaRent? Get in touch by sending an email below.

Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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