8 September 2016

DynaRent: Serve multi-industry dealer management needs

Dealer Management Needs

Packaged ISV solutions for Dynamics AX can transform equipment driven rental, leasing and services with standard functionality that integrate business information and processes with your total ERP system. Especially with dealer management needs, you want that integration to help you and your staff manage all angles of your business. For example, finance, sales, service, parts, inventory and logistics are the big targets. In addition with standard, configurable processes and document management, you need reliable information exchange and automated analysis and updates that flow to every area of your business. Most important, dealer management asks for complete tracking and tracability for asset management and equipment and service lifecycles.

Since, those dealer management needs and requirements come in myriad shapes and sizes. Depending on your industry niche, your actual business, AND current market demand for instant flexibility. When you’re looking for an ISV solution, you can’t miss with one that can expertly handle everything. From car, truck, and bike rental and leasing to tower cranes and aerial work platforms. And that’s as ready for a single-site dealership as an international corporation.

What’s at the base? 

Of course you start with full integration with Microsoft Dynamics.  You add the ability to pre-configure up to 70% of your specific needs before implementation with DynaRent for Dynamics AX. Another core piece is that every asset is registered as a business object from the start, both as rental-ready equipment and all its parts, down to the rivets. All that information can be accessed centrally. As a result, it’s always up to date. In addition it doesn’t matter “what” the asset is or what you need to do with it. Consequently, all departments have real-time, role-specific access and ability to work swiftly with information.

Dealer Management Needs

That base gives DynaRent business and industry experts what they need to create and tailor templates that can cover those myriad shapes and sizes for dealer management. You’ll find the industries we cover at the bottom of this piece. But here are a few examples of standard functionality that you can put to work whatever your focus:

  • Instant overviews of usage, availability, service status and needs from across multiple locations for both equipment and parts.
  • Immediate updates about financials as assets move through lifecycles, from initial procurement through depreciation, service costs, final sales and after-sales service
  • Ability to manage all operations and financials for both bulk and serialized equipment
  • Worry-free handing for customer trades of pre-owned equipment when they want new equipment
  • Modern fleet management that can span multiple locations and countries. Graphical dashboards give you a complete view, drill-down, drag-and-drop and more that lets you meet diverse needs across diverse locations—no overlap or islands of information.
  • Work with sub-rentals and third party vendors? All incorporated into the core of business object registration and records. Financials and operations, no matter how complex, are accurate with no need to shuffle or wrangle with records.
  • Precision that lets you effortlessly guarantee that your equipment is being rented, not a third party’s.
  • Ability to incorporate mobile technologies such as IoT and work with Big Data so that your usage analyses are accurate for financials and operations and ready for proactive decisions.
  • Freedom to offer a wider range of options to customers—from POS consumer rental to full-scale, long-term projects wrapped in complex agreements and logistics.

There’s much more to explore, but we’ll finish by noting what every equipment-driven industry needs now for profitable rental, leasing, and services. In conclusion, what you need: standard solutions that can work in any deployment scenario and ensure you deliver quality, accurate financials, and ability to take on new trends. Tradition and innovation, backed by software, business, and multi-industry expertise. 

Intrigued? Download our DynaRent Equipment Management fact sheet to explore more dealer management needs and our modular solutions suite.

Our industry reach:

  • Automotive
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Consumer rental
  • Audio & Video
  • Trailers
  • Tower cranes
  • Cranes
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Logistics equipment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Scaffolding
  • Containers
  • Construction
Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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