14 February 2017

Full Service Management for Construction Equipment Dealers

Construction equipment dealers work with very rigorous and wide-ranging service requirements. For example newly bought equipment and current equipment in depots. But also trade-in equipment and sold equipment. It does not matter if you both rent and sell construction equipment or focus solely on the dealership aspect. You deal with different business processes and requirements for service needs. Every purchase, inspection, sales process, and delivery has a roster of services associated with it. That includes advanced service planning, spare part management, checklists, certificates, and so forth.

At To-Increase, we’re finding that construction equipment dealers can meet those needs fully. With DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics it is possible to combine asset management and service management capabilities.

DynaRent Equipment Management supports common-to-complex equipment processes and lifecycles from initial purchase through final sign-off or scrap. Name your need and we can meet it. Due to the fact you are working with asset management software for equipment-driven rental and services it covers many bases. You’ll have automated but highly specific processes to follow for your entire equipment procurement and lifecycle process. At the same time it will cover all financial and operational perspectives for you and your customer. DynaRent Works from the start as part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Dynamics AX. And has shared databases, intuitive graphical dashboards and multi-channel, mobile connectivity.

What’s equally important is that DynaRent Service Management weaves together all service requirements for asset management. Using streamlined template, advanced service management can be configured for all your construction equipment processes. From initial purchase delivery inspection, through sales delivery inspections and periodic maintenance. You’ll work with one business solution that covers you end-to-end. In addition it connects the fine details of equipment management with planning, scheduling, and execution for all service.

"It is key to remember that our solution can handle the rigors of diverse service demands. DynaRent is designed for multi-site, high-usage equipment lifecycles that may see all sorts of variables in their lifespan. Construction equipment dealers need that depth and breadth—plus that flexibility!"

Construction Equipment Dealers
Image 1: Screenshot of DynaRent's Service Plan Board
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Michiel Toppers
Michiel Toppers,
Michiel Toppers,
Senior Director of Product Management

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