31 August 2022

12 Benefits of Managing Field Service with DynaRent Mobile App

Benefits of DynaRent Mobile App

Field service engineers require various task details, including directions from the planning department, details of repairs done in the past, a work order checklist, guidance, tips, and approvals to fix a piece of equipment on the client site.

Talking over the phone for instructions and directions may lead to errors and confusion. Additionally, truck drivers often find locating and reaching client destinations challenging. They struggle to complete paperwork, enter the necessary information, and get customer sign-off, causing delays and affecting customer experience.

Timely and efficient field service is crucial for any construction and heavy equipment rental company. Field service engineers and truckers need to connect with the back-office team and customers to conduct maintenance, repair, installation, and delivery seamlessly on site.

So how do rental companies ensure efficient field service? The answer lies in using a mobile app! A mobile app can intuitively guide field service engineers through all the processes and provide all relevant data required to complete repair, maintenance, or delivery tasks.

Having worked with global equipment rental companies since 2005, To-Increase is well aware of the challenges of field service management. Hence, to make field service smooth and hassle-free, we have developed DynaRent Mobile App on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and SCM (F&SCM).

This article shares information on the benefits of using DynaRent Mobile App for managing field service in rental companies.

What is DynaRent Mobile App?

DynaRent Mobile app provides a single platform for all field service-related processes. It equips field service staff with easy access to task orders, customer insights, and details of the equipment anytime and anywhere, improving the productivity of field engineers and helping you enhance customer satisfaction.

DynaRent Mobile App integrates with Microsoft D365 F&SCM, empowering field engineers and truckers to get customer sign-off, fill out field report forms, and feed them back into the main management system quickly, without using paper. Real-time information update from the field helps the back-office team complete administrative tasks, such as billing and scheduling, accurately and on time.


Top key benefits of DynaRent Mobile App

1. Boost field service efficiency

Field engineers and truckers can communicate directly with rental back-office teams and the clients anytime and from anywhere with DynaRent Mobile App. The collaboration provides field service teams with a better understanding of the tasks and better equips them with the tools needed to do the work efficiently.

2. Save time

The rental data is synced to the app, allowing field service staff instant access to data, reducing unnecessary back and forth and multiple calls with the back-office teams. In addition, the field engineers and drivers do not have to spend long hours updating service information in the system after the task. They can feed the information instantly on the mobile app while still on the field.

3. Get easy access to work orders

Field service teams do not have to look into multiple systems or contact team members to gather information, making it easier to plan and schedule tasks in order of priority. They can view all work order details on the app, enabling transport, maintenance, and service teams to plan and complete their tasks smoothly.

4. Gain customer insights 

Field service teams can get customer details, past service history, and equipment information on the app. If they need to speak to the customer ― for directions to the location or to inform them that they have arrived, they can find their contact details in the app.

5. Reduce paperwork 

The app reduces paper trails and errors by allowing digital documentation of work orders. Field service engineers and truckers can capture digital signatures and get customer sign-off immediately after completing the task. Once the on-field work or delivery of the equipment is complete, field engineers and truckers can get immediate, digital sign-off from customers. The signature captured on site is transferred to the ERP system for direct billing, which significantly reduces delays, errors, and the workload of the back office.

6. Register damages 

Field service teams can browse existing equipment pictures or take new ones to record damages to the equipment. The truck driver can take a picture of the equipment during delivery and after pick-up to document any damages.

7. Utilize geo-navigation facilities

Field engineers and truck drivers can use the navigation tool on the app to find the exact location of the equipment or look for the route to the client's destination. The navigation feature provides field service engineers and truckers with the quickest way to the client site.

8. Manage changes to the schedule

The planning team can review and update work orders in case of changes in the schedule, allocation of field service engineers, scheduled time, and client location. Field service engineers will be automatically notified of these changes. They can review and update work orders, and get equipment information, status, and priority of the work.

9. Work in remote areas without internet access

Field service engineers and truckers usually work in remote areas and locations which may not have strong network coverage. With offline capabilities, DynaRent Mobile App helps field service engineers perform their work smoothly even in restricted, low, or no internet coverage areas.

10. Connect any device or operating system

DynaRent Mobile App runs on all operating systems, such as Android, IOS, or Microsoft Windows. It is also compatible with devices, including personal computers, hand-held computers, and mobile phones. The back-office team could be using personal computers, while the field team could be using hand-held devices.

The same goes for the operating system, you could be using Microsoft Windows, but the client could be using Android. Regardless of which operating system or devices are in use, DynaRent Mobile App connects easily and allows for real-time communication and seamless collaboration.

11. Guard against cyber attacks 

Built on Microsoft PowerPlatform, the app uses the universal identity platform Azure Active Directory for user authentication and protection against cybersecurity attacks.

12. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty 

The efficient handling, allocation, and management of task orders using DynaRent Mobile App ensure that field service engineers deliver instant and better services on time, resulting in happy and satisfied customers.

Why Choose DynaRent Mobile App? 

If you want to improve your field service and enhance customer satisfaction, then DynaRent Mobile App can help you achieve your goals.

Happy and satisfied clients turn into brand advocates, enhancing your company’s reputation and popularity, which will give you a competitive edge in the industry, bring you more clients, and ultimately more profitability.

With DynaRent Mobile App, you can deliver timely repair and maintenance services, which will not only help you retain existing clients but will also lead to high uptime of your equipment.

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Anastasia van der Wielen
Anastasia van der Wielen,
Anastasia van der Wielen,
Product Manager, DynaRent

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