Quality Management

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

To-Increase Quality Management gives manufacturers, distributors, and other companies a consistent, efficient way to assess and record quality metrics in their operations and drive process and quality improvements.

Typical, frequent applications for Quality Management include goods receiving, production, purchasing, assembly, maintenance inspection, and issue registration. The solution guides you through the process of defining a measurement template with value fields as well as the question set and the proper sampling method. In response to a process trigger, it prepares a check sheet from the measurement template and calculates the required sample size. You then complete the check sheet, noting whether the findings are accepted or rejected and whether the check sheet is complete.  You can retain quality samples for analysis and reporting, and you can also specify follow-up actions depending on the results.

The solution comes with an out-of-the-box, best practice-based quality measurement process for receiving. Going beyond momentary quality assessments in a variety of situations, you can implement Quality Management to pursue steady quality improvements in your business activities and with vendors.

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Quality Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Question choices

In Quality Management, you can use four types of questions—Boolean, numeric, lookup, and text.

Role-based inspection

In the solution’s ready-to-go process for receiving, the Dynamics 365 Business Central role center for the MR Inspector provides the measurement with receipt details and the check sheet and establishes the correct number of samples.

Vendor ratings

Quality Management lets you track and report on critical data from the samples you take in receiving or at other process steps to quantify the level of quality your vendors deliver.

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