Advanced Job Management

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

To-Increase Advanced Job Management makes complex manufacturing jobs or projects completely transparent and efficiently manageable for industrial equipment manufacturers and other project-based manufacturing companies.  Leverage Advanced Job Management to meet customer preferences for quotes, project delivery, and invoicing. You can also review customer-specific projects to do a thorough analysis.

Such capabilities in Advanced Job Management as intuitive, visual planning, stringent monitoring of costs and budgets, and easy Job progress monitoring enable you to meet your customers’ needs in the most resource-efficient manner possible. With a direct, consolidated view of resources, costs, and project data, the solution readies manufacturers to meet challenging demands without getting bogged down by operational complexities. You perform all Job management tasks from your comfortable, fully integrated Dynamics environment.

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Advanced Job Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Flexible breakdown structures

In Advanced Job Management, you can define cost and work breakdown structures that match your project management approach and that you can change even while Jobs are in progress.

Job quote management

Calculate bids based on the cost breakdown structure and an estimate of the required cost components, register an unlimited number of bid versions, and create new bid versions easily with the archive-and-restore function

Powerful planning functionality

Plan items, resources, and equipment from Job management planning lines that feed the purchase and planning worksheet for Dynamics. Alternatively, create purchase quotes and purchase, manufacturing, and assembly orders directly from Job planning lines.

Job-connected inventory

Distinguish between general and Job inventories, and disconnect logistical and financial processes, by maintaining a Job-specific inventory on your balance sheet and consuming inventory when it is used or delivered.

WMS integration for IEM

The new functionality will replace the current delivery function through sales orders by enabling a complete warehouse integration making it a simplified process. The new feature allows end-to-end visibility of the supply chain on one platform – inbound planning, warehouse activities, and outbound transportation to delivery making it ideal for project-based companies that deliver installations to the project site.

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